Colts vs. Bills Super Wild Card Weekend Highlights | NFL 2020 Playoffs


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    The Indianapolis Colts take on the Buffalo Bills during Super Wild Card Weekend of the 2020 NFL postseason.
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    Published on Month ago


    1. Derek Caldwell

      Colts need more pass rush and they're set.

      1. Derek Caldwell

        @KING JONTE' our pass coverage has gotten alot better we just need a true shutdown corner and if Rock improves his game more this season he will be hard to win against

      2. KING JONTE'

        And good pass coverage defense

    2. Teilo Evans

      The way Rivers was takeing the snap and moving around in the pocket 😂

    3. Ya Boi

      Isaiah Rodgers best return man for years to come - Change My Mind

    4. dr.sugar111

      rivers kinda under the radar with a fine year lol

    5. Josh Thurston

      Colts shoulda won that game!!

    6. Lorenzo Perez

      I’m a packers fan , I think colts deserved to be in the afc championship

    7. Carlos Navarrete

      Jajajaja no fue tan vistosa como la de Mahomes, pero Allen lo hizo y fue Touchdown. Pero como es el hombre de moda. Solo hablan de esa 🤷🏻‍♂️

    8. Boris Balkan

      Congrats on barely beating a team that outgained you by 100 yards and outplayed you the whole game. The Bills aren't close to being a SB team.

    9. Joe Pfankuch

      If the colts would’ve had the touchdown on 4th down they would’ve won

    10. Miles Robinson

      Rivers just Retired and now left the Stupid Colts.

      1. KING JONTE'


    11. DJ Abcool

      THIS WAS THE BEST PLAYOFF GAME TBH other than packers vs bucs

      1. Just A Random Alt Account

        this was even better

    12. Brandon Ohara

      Fun fact, the Buffalo Bills last three playoff opponents in order were the Titans, Jaguars, Texans and now the Colts. All AFC South teams. Finally won that elusive playoff game. And before that they also lost their last three playoff games against the Steelers dolphins and jaguars. Six straight playoff losses before this win. Been a long road. I already commented on this video I was just doing my research on the bills playoff history because I was a baby when they were in the Super Bowl for the first time

    13. Javier C

      The Colts will never win a playoff game again, they have the luck curse, the fans treated him so bad booing him, so a curse was place on the team, the only way to lift the curse is for colts fans to support Andrew Luck by wearing his Jersey in a home game.

      1. KING JONTE'


    14. didi kang

      Colts should have won that.

    15. Timelymirror78

      🤔the colts had a chance to cluch it but they failed

    16. Cory James

      M u.=]u.kk9kmmj

    17. Melik787

      Colts blew the game why didnt they go for FG and how did he missed the FG, if they didnt choke they woulve won 30-27

    18. Timothy8 Eight

      I wish the Bills had a chanced against the Chiefs, but alas they don't I'd love to see them win it all. Maybe next year.

    19. Revamp Yourself

      Frank Reich’s shitty decisions lost them the game

    20. Samharry Sobowale

      the colts should have kicked it at the last minute to tie the game

    21. Kyle Purvis

      Proverbs read it if you want understanding

    22. ChungWei Wang

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    23. Joel Fernandez

      Who's here after Phillip Rivers just announced he's retiring?

    24. guitarist michael stark

      The officials ruin the game

    25. Iram Zavala

      Phillip Rivers his last game

      1. Reynaldo Giles

        12:00 last throw too

    26. ChaosFilms

      Who’s here after Phillip Rivers announcing retirement?

    27. Michael Jennings

      Who’s here after Philip Rivers retired

      1. James Grinstead

        1 of the best players to never play in a Super Bowl

      2. Faint Daze

        I am :)

    28. Carlin Hunt

      11:58 Even though we are out of the playoff picture now, this has been one of the most stupidest plays Phillip Rivers could make. Ngl it wasn't such a bad call but I honestly had a feeling that there would be people down the field. We should've just kicked the ball, possibly made it in, go into OT, and maybe have a chance. Both teams played well, this game had me on the edge of my seat, and I'm sorry Bills fans but the Chiefs are taking ya'll down!

    29. Yoof Shxpy

      Bills: my wrist hurt diggs carry us Diggs: okay *diggs gets 128 yards and a touchdown* Colts: bruh wow that’s lucky Diggs: slaps colts back to Indianapolis Colts: WEEEEEEE

    30. Mikentosh

      What the hell is a ‘Bills’?

    31. BluExMamba24

      Going for it early on 4th down and missing the field goal hurt the colts

    32. Jimmy Catalina

      Colts lost cuz of bad coaching. Should have kicked the field goal early and gone for 1 pt conversion. That's 4 pts they didn't score. Score: Colts win 28-27.

    33. Miles Robinson

      Come on now Colts! They really lost this Wild card game. Rivers may be think about retiring and leave.

    34. Robin Ghimire

      Man it'd be awesome to see Bill v. Chiefs at AFC Championship game

    35. J. Trade Forex, Inc.

      Man I wish I could have watched this game live...

    36. SimonTheGamerYT

      i’m pretty sure the giants drafted daniel jones rather than this beast..

    37. Money

      my guy said 'and the Buffalo Bills win ''a'' playoff game' that's how u know they trash.

    38. Thomas O'neil

      Patriots fan here !! Just want Bills Mafia to know , New England is with you !!!! Go get yours !! First Baltimore then KC!


      That field goal they indy missed would meat something OT woulda been OT

    40. FrankieTheWop

      Buffalo and Cleveland in the playoffs? This is some election level tampering.


      Bills barely survive this game. They lack explosion in the backfield. Their run defense is low grade. These two things will be exposed against the Ravens.

      1. Cool Dude I

        Uhhhhmmm u sure ? Lol better luck next year

    42. riley michael lam

      Let’s go Bills

    43. Giorgio Gazzola

      Bills could've put the game on ice sooner if they just ran the ball.

    44. chris lamastra

      gg indianapolis

    45. DALLAS- JOE-

      Da BILLLLLS ! 😛

    46. Oscar Berrios

      Yeah Ravens putting a beat down. Bill's should of lost this game. Ravens 28-17

      1. Cool Dude I

        Or it will be a bills blowout... LOL rip Lamar better luck next year kid

    47. Rhino Tashjian

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    48. Random No9

      Bills are satanic.

    49. Sports hub


    50. Alan Rowley

      3 more games

    51. Carpenters of Jesus

      Bills are awesome. From a browns fan 🐕

    52. Moonroof

      Congrats Bills

    53. Nate watson

      8:01 who's mom brought the orange slices LOLLL

    54. ichichu

      Being in Japan I just watched the game and realized the Colts got screwed in the last minute, when the Bills called their last timeout. The Colts receiver caught a pass and went out of bounds with 0:19 seconds left. The Colts went no-huddle and tried to run another play, which they started and the play was stopped with 0:12 seconds left. The ref called the play dead, because he said the Bills called timeout and to reset the game clock at 0:14 seconds. It should have been reset at 0:19 giving the Colts one more play. Granted to might not have changed the outcome, but it would have meant if they ran another play and made enough yardage, they might have been able to kick a field goal putting the game into overtime. I can't believe this was overlooked???

    55. Hunter Conklin

      i’m so happy

    56. Stuart Coupe

      Pittman may have been a hot target but that potential touchdown pass was makeable for some WRs. Two key passes missed.

    57. Twon Jones

      Allen looks exactly how Carson Wentz is suppose to be looking smfh

    58. jd 22

      Allen had brown wide open on a check down on that 3rd and 10 run. Maybe could have kept that drive alive and made it a more comfortable game, maybe he wouldnt have gotten it tho. Other than that really cant complain about his game such a beast.

    59. German Salinas

      Vamos Buffalo tú puedes!! 🤜 Saludos desde México al sur de la CDMX en Xochimilco. 👍

    60. German Salinas

      Que tal muy buenas tardes a todos los seguidores de la NFL Lo dije a media temporada que este joven de tan sólo 24 años de edad que sería la promesa de los Bills para el Super Bowl y no estamos tan lejos de lograrlo. Vamos Buffalo tú puedes!! 🤜

    61. TStan97

      Anyone else notice the play that happened twice?

    62. Michael Bee

      The bills got super lucky neither of these teams can beat a Superbowl opponent

    63. Noah Granovsky

      the only problem I have is that josh allen doesnt have an x factor card with escape artist, dashing deadeye, readzone deadeye, gunslinger, and bazooka

    64. Ernesto Tostado

      Great game, the Colts had this game if the just went for the field goal instead of the touchdown and the extra point instead of the 2 point conversion. Anyway both teams played a great game. This was the game of the week.

    65. Derek Lately

      They could have had the game if they had went for the 3 in the 2nd quarter ending the half.

    66. Epicz ,

      bills are trash josh allen is horrible he just gets lucky with his throws anyone could do this when you have stefon diggs just quit bills the ravens will expose you and show you how trash you really are

    67. Kyle C.

      No Brady means AFC is wide open

    68. Jerry Johanan

      No one cares about the NFL!!!!!!!!!!

    69. M T

      Can’t call myself a Bills fan, but damnit if it isn’t fun as hell to watch Allen play. Is he going to drill a 40 yard pass? Is he going to bobble the ball and bat it in a random direction? Is he going to do a cartwheel and throw it through the uprights? You just never know. He’ll try anything, like the friend in your group at a party you have to keep an eye on. I respect it.

    70. TheMysteriousPerson

      I'm an eagles fan, but it's actually kinda good to see a team win a playoff game after 25 years

    71. brown55061

      Either way I just hope either CLE or BUF advance to the bowl. Get some fresh blood in there.

    72. Harper Jacobs

      bills really won on bad calls and a missed fg

    73. Diego Gutierrez

      Rivers dosen't know how to throw a hail Mary

    74. The Ghost

      Bullshit man.

    75. Matt Conley

      The refs won this game let's be honest

    76. Andrew Pagakis

      Man rivers played pretty well, that swing at the half where the colts got nothing on 4th down and buffalo went down field and scored was beautiful, 14 point swing. Allen has gotten so much better, he looks so confident and has a cannon and those runs where great too Despite all that rivers had a chance to drive it down with the game on the line to win it and chocked under pressure per usual

    77. Football Cynosure

      when you don't do well, in the playoffs, so, you just blame the #rookie #rooky #chitchat #football #chatters

    78. Korey Prediger

      5:22 the coach throwing his hat and headset is hilarious

    79. Eli Benda

      What happened to the colts having the best defense

    80. supersevenn

      i've seen high school players with stronger arms than Rivers

      1. Max Dawson

        Hes 39. Played and thrown and been pounded for 18 yrs almost. HS players can barely if ever even throw. Go back to Shift at Denny's and Keep Dreaming about playing in the NFL

      2. Nathaniel Speedy Pope

        Facts lol

    81. SABro's

      If the colts had TD on some of their drives they would’ve won, you can’t kick field goals against the Bills, they score too many TD’s

    82. Snuke Cartahena

      I have watched this over and over o swear JA always do some bonehead moves. Throw the BALL AWAY

    83. Aaron Curtis

      How about that Daryl Williams recovery of the Josh Allen fumble in the 4th quarter. Huge play. Probably the play of the game. If he doesn’t get on that ball, and the Colts take over, I would have anticipated Cots pulling out the win.

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    85. Rick Flow

      Good stuff on both teams. Amazing game!

    86. Michael Maher Show

      Just posted my predictions for the games this weekend on my channel!!

    87. Celluloidwatcher

      Let's go, Buffalo!!! Like how Allen keeps getting better. But those Ravens are going to be quite a test for those young Bills. Can't wait for it to happen.

    88. Ø.G DeRrIcK

      Yea ravens definitely running all over them😭

    89. Barry Macockiner

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    90. Barry Macockiner

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    91. Taylor Tri

      Did anybody on this comment section notice the editing at 9:32? Such a poor effort by the NFL editor.

    92. ftbmarii 55

      Colts are lo key better than the bills just missed opportunities

    93. Gurkaran Basra

      A new york team is finally good

    94. Tincanmaniac

      2:08 that was a great commentating job

    95. gift curse

      The way he jump over them was crazy

    96. You know I had to do it to em

      Bills has all of Canada’s support , GO GET IT WE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU 💙❤️🤍

    97. Naeim Hans

      the colts did relly good runing

    98. Steven J. Trump 2024

      The commentators of this game were phenomenal. Terrible calls against Buffalo as per usual!

    99. juan garcia


    100. Matthew Beaver

      I can't stop thinking.. If they would have just kicked that field goal from inside the 10 way back in the second they would've been right their.... Why are you chasing points in the second? Once they did, they fell in a hole and then under pressure had to continue to chase points.