Pittsburgh Steelers Sign QB Dwayne Haskins


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    Published on Month ago


    1. dbtheking76

      As a wft fan Im glad we got ride of that bum and good luck to the steelers

    2. Electro Duck


    3. meinardsl

      I hope Steelers' QB room is less cancerous to young players than receiver room is.

    4. PrinceVince

      He ain’t 7 anymore

    5. Sean Roy

      As a Ravens fan, this is the best news I've heard since they one and doned in the playoffs.

    6. SIR T

      Cut injury prone ben to save salary cap. Lets WIN superbowl next year Steeler Nation!🇺🇸👍🏿

    7. Luke Pincock

      This is such a bad signing

    8. terry gee

      Is this real?! Whoa whoa.....what? C'mon man.....

    9. B DAWG

      Welcome to the AFCN Basement Pittsburgh.

    10. bootfan !!

      WTF Steelers? This guy is a loser.

    11. Mark Soi

      Great pick up .. says Browns Ravens and Bengals

    12. Jerome James

      Your quarterback is getting old hey I got a good idea sign the weakest quarterback in the league. 😂😂

    13. Nathanael Robinson


    14. Karson Smith

      Ben is garbage

    15. I’m a Glizzy

      Bad choice to sign a bust like him

    16. Larry Nester

      To all the Steeler fans from a Washington fan..........aaaaaaaaahahahaha........aaaaaaaahahahaha............

      1. Larry Nester

        Think about this......our practice team QB beat out this 1st round bust.

    17. Kalle Knall

      a once proud and stable franchise....

    18. Gfressh 21

      Haskins is the future 💯💯😈

    19. Lenny Lennardson

      It’s pretty obvious, that the Steelers don’t want to win anything in the near future.

    20. due whit

      Hilarious. Pittsburgh has a knack for acquiring ohio talent. Must mean he will do well.

    21. Emmanuel

      Corvette Corvette

    22. Jansen Lam

      It is a excellent opportunity for Dwayne to learn from "Hall of Fame" Level Quarter Back and Ben doesn't retire this season pls.....!~~!!!

    23. Fefv Ffgscb

      Dumb move by Steelers

    24. shocktrauma85

      Can't wait to hear Urinatingtree react to this. Yinzer Mode Activated.

    25. Larry Prince

      Steeler going make man out of him not just quarterback

    26. Shelby Johnson


    27. big earl

      Haskins stinks but he's better than that other dude who got hit with the helmet

    28. Matt Hooper

      I think Pittsburgh is going to spend 4 or 5 years in the basement of the Division. They just don’t seem to have a plan at QB or RB. They manage to fall ass-backwards into great wide receivers and linebackers, but QB and RB is an issue. I think they should sign Joe Flacco to back up Big Ben for a year, or bridge the gap to the next starter. Flacco can still play when he has protection, a stud receiver, not to mention a good D.

    29. John Martinez

      The Steelers management has a long history of being one of the most stable and conservative when it comes to team roster matters. Picking up Dwayne Haskins is a gamble which is unusual for them but I think management knows Ben Roethlisberger's best days are behind him and hope a young talented Haskins can get his personal life together. If he does he'll be the starter and the Steelers will be a top team but if Haskins continues with his troubled behavior it will be a huge setback for several years for the team with a troubled Haskins who could end up cut and a angry Roethlisberger who will resent the Steelers for bringing Haskins in.

    30. Jonathan Kurtz

      You have to think he’ll at least do better than Mason Rudolph or Duck Hodges

    31. Belkis B.

      Bad move.

    32. Todd Chinh


    33. Zurich Foreman

      People mad asf young bull got back in the nfl

    34. 6familyfirst

      So is Deshaun Watson coming to Washington or nah???

    35. Bigfoot270

      It’s now or never for this kid. Good Luck welcome to Steeler country.

    36. Jesus Retana

      They should let ben go thays qht we need new quarterback

    37. RETUSAF1995

      Looks like the NYGs made the right pick at QB.

    38. Curtis 23

      He's a bonafide scrub

    39. Daniel Sharp

      Mike is a hell of a coach!!! If Mike cant get him straightned out nobody can....!! This is a excellent move for a team that will be needing a qb....!!

    40. Ben Oto

      Hold the pho hooooone whaaat??

    41. Josh Ryan

      The only people in Pittsburgh who are excited about this are the strippers

    42. Dre-Go Brown

      This man been partying you have common sense use it wish you luck on the Steelers

    43. Dre-Go Brown

      He did SUCK BUT WHAT TYPE OF TEAM DID HE HAVE wish him the best

    44. Eduardo Oliveira

      Steelers 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🏴🚩

    45. Lincoln MacEachern

      I love the Steelers, but this seems like such stupid move; the future of the NFL QB is the mobile one. He's a big , immobile stiff, to say nothing of being a fool.

    46. NothinButNet

      So they got worse 😭

    47. john wright

      I'm glad he got a second chance. I pray successed

    48. langerrobert52

      Duane. Make the best out of this opportunity. You have all the tools to be a good quarterback. Work hard. Think about the rewards.

    49. edgar olguin

      Future backup qb

    50. Earl Martin

      Hopefully being cut was this guy's wakeup call. Definitely the skill set is there, it's just a matter of getting his head right. And as the commentators said it's low risk potentially hogh reward signing by the Steelers.

    51. Djdayougan

      Haskins will be good again, everyones forgetting he was a rookie with the Washington come on lets give the man a real chance!

    52. Cullore

      Big ben is gone.

    53. B rad

      This is exactly what we need in our locker room

    54. Starz Lord2

      As a loyal browns fan. I say thank you once again steelers. We'll do everything possible to make the transition as easy and painless. SIKE. 🤣🤣🤣

    55. Andrea Scott

      Steelers, thats my team

    56. New Life


    57. K Fu

      Now the Steelers circus is complete. Haha. Going down the toilet bowl

    58. cem inci

      Strip joints are much better in Pittsburgh

    59. NFiltr8Red

      Opposing teams are gonna bring mobile strip clubs to their sidelines to distract him during games. Tomlins is gonna have to put a leash on this dude!

    60. gme213la

      Madden nerds happy about this lol

    61. SpockMcoy Issmart

      As long as Pgh has a coach that wants to be one of the boyz, nothing will change in Pgh. ''Oh, Tomlin is a PLAYERS coach"......... in other words, no discipline, players filming meetings/releasing on social media, out of control drama, players trying to build THEIR brand, not the teams brand on social media. Pgh needs a 'business coach' for their product to get results they want. Trophies.

    62. EasyRider912

      If Tomlin had a son

    63. koolaid117

      I guess we'll see if "the standard" is still "the standard" with Haskins. I hope he does well and they can teach him to read defenses.

    64. Issac Jacquez

      Get rid of Tomlin!!!

    65. John Garza

      Pittsburgh will regret it, NFL will regret it.....we will all regret it!

    66. Ocea Pliler

      What # will he wear?

      1. Hcaz

        He will wear number 3 I believe.

    67. Pinkey

      when your team (the steelers) has to sign a qb thats better then big ben steelers: let's just give this dumb kid another chance.

    68. Noah Pillow


    69. Father

      Everyone: Making fun of Steelers Dwayne Haskins: Going to prove everyone wrong

    70. Freedom Ring

      Steelers adding more tik-tokers ... lol

    71. un a5xp

      If Haskins had been selected by the Giants, I truly believe he would be top tier.. sometimes things are about environment

    72. Deivias

      Can't teach someone work ethic, i don't expect much. Dude was too lazy to even study the playbook as a starting QB.

    73. paris beech

      Good pick up steelers

    74. Seth Bryant

      Ah yes everyone's favorite team the Pittsburgh Influencers

    75. Mary Johnson

      Who cares, it's strip clubs there also.

    76. Thayer Swenson

      my favriote team is steelers i think they can use dwayne haskins

    77. Bup Bup

      Let’s be real. Pittsburg has no money, they aren’t keeping Ben they can’t afford it.

    78. The Battle Report

      Called it

    79. Bup Bup

      Welp. Tree has been silent sense this came out.

    80. Nick Bellomo

      Low risk no reward situation. He is not an NFL qb. When he was in college the talent players around him made him look good.

    81. Raúl Silva

      Rudolph Is not a good QB, but he is better than Haskins... How bad is Haskins? Too bad in and out the field

    82. Solace

      I’m actually happy about this.. Haskins has ever been a bad QB.. Washington disagreed with him being drafted so they tried to sabotage his career by playing him knowing he was in a “developmental” stage.. And Steelers are known for fully developing solid yet under appreciated players

    83. Gary K. Nedrow

      Haskins wasn't even a top quality college QB, as he proved at Ohio State. When you get cut by the Redskins, who needed a QB desperately, it means you aren't NFL material. This signing appears to be a practice squad move, to replace Duck Hodges. If he develops into something better than a 3rd QB, good for him. But at the moment, he's just a cheap camp arm.

    84. R F

      He will need a lot of help, he has too big an ego. He wouldn't have lasted 5 mins with some of the teams back in the day.

    85. Rob Williamson

      Derp! Bust!

    86. It's Lightning

      Tree laughs in ints

    87. BamOut4 RightCause

      As a Washington fan. I'm happy for him. He can learn (football wise) behind Ben. I hope Washington gets Desuan Watson tho

    88. DMV Eric

      Browns beat they ass Silly I see 😂

    89. Kevin Connor

      The downward spiral continues for Steelers.

    90. James Williams

      He's better than the white boy and PLEASE GET RID OF BEN!!!!

    91. fab5frk

      This is the 2nd version of AB coming to haunt the Steelers.

    92. Astro Zeo SPORTS

      I believed there was something wrong with Pittsburgh, now it’s official

    93. R J

      Of all the QBs they could have gotten they get that guy?? Sounds like he could barely manage learning the play book at Washington. And his work ethic was more like 'show up and then go party' ethic....

    94. Keith Hamilton

      A perfect get for the Stealers.

    95. WéBR

      Why? Why would you sign this bust? Smfh

    96. Echo Adrian

      Let be real remember when baker hater said he would be a. Bust juat becuz he had a bad 2 year remember that and then he came back helping the browns to make the playoffs I think what I an trying to said is that look before you talk remember man this could be the same thing come back to me when this man wins comeback player of the year

    97. SeedSix

      Good looking Coach Tomlin 💯

    98. Michael Crowder

      He is no good

    99. bighosre10

      I won't even sign him as a backup.

    100. Meinolf Meinolf

      idiots lol