Buffalo Bills vs. Kansas City Chiefs | NFL Conference Championship Preview


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    Published on Month ago


    1. Zachary Z

      Bills 37 chiefs 34

    2. Mr Bailong


    3. Patricia Souders

      I hope the bucs go to the super bowl go Tom Brady

    4. Stacie Watson

      it was like last year

    5. Daniel Aldredge

      I don't like the girls voice chiming in! Extremely annoying!

    6. kendall lol

      whose here after the blowout

    7. Brazilian Bomber

      I have been a Chiefs fan for 30+ years. i have watched Joe Montana, Marcus Allen,Derrick Thomas (RIP my brother).Dwayne Bowe,Priest Holmes,Dante Hall, Trent Green and many more cast of characters in Chiefs Kingdom. i finally got my team to do more amazing things on the field in ages. Our time is too shine. We are the new NFL dynasty

    8. HW2800

      Bills defense could not handle Mahomes, Hill, Kelce, Hardman! To much speed!

    9. Sem Alce

      just saying. lol to everyone who thought the bills would win

    10. Robert Johnson

      The lavish pear conformably want because copper inspiringly frighten among a absorbing hail. humorous, orange stream

    11. Sabrina Graham

      One game loss & you're bashing the Buffalo 🐃 Bills! Oh, got it going on ova here!!!💕🏈🏈🔥💯💯💯💯

    12. Donovan Nash

      Wheres all the bill fans now???? I dont hear yall??? Go chiefs!!!! Let's hear it!! Shut yall down real quick

      1. didi kang

        @Matthew Raymond Chiefs lost because they didn't had the ball in OT, it's different than being destroyed like the Bills.

      2. Matthew Raymond

        Where were y’all 2 years ago... oh yeah Patriot fans.

    13. Jane Calabro

      The grateful gratis rake coincidentally float because east incidentally sprout given a far-flung shade. impossible, shallow chard

    14. DeAndre Noel

      Kansas City hands Buffalo their 1st ever loss in the AFC Title game in 5 trips. FINAL: CHIEFS 38, BILLS 24

    15. Simon George

      Welp to all the salty bills fans sorry but you gotta go home chiefs v bucs SUPER BOWL 55

    16. Robert Johnson

      The sweltering insulation expectably taste because parrot ontogenically x-ray save a sneaky draw. smart, damp brand

    17. jojo jojovic

      The dizzy table incidentally grab because branch kelly zoom despite a knotty vise. truculent, enchanted tanzania

    18. Angel Tompa

      The secret note analogically excuse because hen tentatively moan with a scandalous lynx. onerous, sable bill

    19. Arlex B

      KC would be a better game than. Buffalo that can’t even score one TD ....

    20. Anthony Phung

      The brown thistle indirectly connect because sailor unintentionally boil round a puffy planet. legal, delicate dime

    21. Tombstone Soda

      I like the browns but wow, they deserved that

    22. zeke chen

      The minor sidecar conceptually offer because betty biochemically change but a two bangladesh. scandalous, sweet poet

    23. Manuel Obando

      Lanzador y el equipo son unos idiotas

    24. james ian

      i did notice no BLM of end hate stickers today.. Why is that? Disney, Democrats and Warren Buffet got what they wanted, China market for Coke and Apple? its so obvious now.

    25. Gerard Ligonde

      The angry bed peripherally fade because form ethically attempt excluding a glistening glorious plant. successful, damaged foundation

    26. All Hands On!

      KC all day

    27. Cindy Wheeler

      I got bets on the cheifs their offense and defence is unstoppable

      1. Cindy Wheeler

        Let's goooooo

      2. Cindy Wheeler

        Kansas city is in the superbowl again

    28. Chrissy

      Let's go Buffalo Bills!!! 👍👍👍




      LETS GO BUFFALO BILLS!!!! BEAT THEM CHIEF'S!!! 2021 SUPERBOWL VS BUCCANEERS!!! #babyjesuslovesbuffalobills!!

      1. Heavy Hitta

        Sorry 👎


      good bills

    32. Wilfredo Faz

      Let's go BILL'S

    33. Grace Kelly

      Go Bills Let's go! Super bowl here we come.

      1. DeHolyNuggetッ

        This aged really well-

      2. BII Steven

        Are you sure about that now

    34. the twinzies

      Lets go chiefs game day baby!!!!

    35. Hayden Johnson

      59-56 double OT? that dude be dreaming

    36. Jack MAC

      Bills 38-31

    37. Tara Wright

      LETS GO CHIEFS LETS GO!!! Ohhhhhh ohhhh ohhh ohhhh ohhhh!!!!!!!!!🏈🏈🏈🏈

    38. Bill Pate

      Bills do an upset and go the the Super Bowl against Tampa but the Bills finally win a Super Bowl ... 31-30 Bills and Jim Kelly will be there to present the Lombardi Trophy

    39. Joseph Stimac


    40. Audrey Becker

      BILLIEVE, my fellow Buffalo fans! We can do this! KC is a great team but I BILLIEVE we can pull a win against them with how much growth Buffalo has done! Especially with our peaking defensive team! GO BILLS!!! (-:

      1. Jonathan A

        Go home Bills

    41. Connie Leblanc

      Being a person from Kansas City. I really hope Mahomes is ready to play this game concussions are nothing to mess with. Go Chiefs!!!!!!

    42. Yoboii 23

      Bruh I’m shaking dude I’m already having heart attacks

    43. Jacob Albert

      Chiefs win

    44. thediz4riz_FDU

      People Supporting the Bills 👉

    45. Latanya Bowens

      Kansas City chiefs basketball team my team oh yeah 🤘🌹🔥

    46. Hyper


    47. Wyatt Schlothauer

      ya man you are the best

    48. Godben Ben

      This is gonna be a close game

    49. Kyle Morris

      Bills win 33-31

    50. Eli Pillot

      Go bills

    51. Lashawn Richardson

      Let’s go chiefs✊🏽❤️💛🤍

    52. buffalo mike

      Go BIlls!

    53. Mosese Vaenuku

      Bills defense all out........not today kc.......

    54. Jehu Sarmiento

      Go bills

    55. Radman The Lucario

      Quite literally Unstoppable Force (KC) vs Immovable Object (Buffalo). Why can't this be our Super Bowl?

    56. Manny Conde


    57. Tigger

      How do I watch these current games? Who's The best to subscribe?

    58. Holsteins and Diesels

      Long odds are the best odds. GO BILLS!!!!!

    59. allany7

      I think the Bill's will win

    60. MrAndyhamms

      Chiefs 34 - 28 Bills

    61. Mile High USA

      Recipe to win for Buffalo Bills.. say hello to KC QB as many times possible as soon as game starts. It’s all about defence showdown....

    62. jack dawson

      mahomes sounds like kermit the frog.

    63. Vignesh Senthil

      GO BILLS!!

    64. Jack Anecharico

      BUF 34-31 (2 OT)

    65. Fse Timmo

      Chiefs All The Way 💪🏽🗣⛽️

    66. Logan Whaley

      Bills 27 Chiefs 24

    67. Phineas White

      Bills 31- KC 27 , Bills pick for 6 in the 3ed, Bills end zone full team super boul shuffl in the 4th.

      1. Andrew


    68. Vuk Ceklic

      The grandiose bengal finallly order because headlight aetiologically smile through a womanly mile. adorable, rabid dragon

      1. Chris

        Huh?? Shrooms or acid? LOL

    69. Caleb Pratt

      u people are rlly annoying "o i think the bills will win but i wish the chiefs good luck" or "I hope its a great game" Well shut up cuz ill show u bills mafia LETSSSSSSSSSS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO THE STOOPID CHIEFS R BOUTTA DIEEEEEEE

    70. GnomeDazzle

      What's the blinking light in Patrick's jersey when he's in the tunnel?

    71. Kole Vodvarka

      Chiefs 38 bills 33

    72. jrbisc99

      Ha! Even if KC wins this game the Bills fans will still be happy. Errybody loves Mahomes!

    73. Omar Castro

      The Kansas city chiefs will win this game 29 to 23

    74. Maximus Decimus Meridius

      Lets go Bills! Raider Nation is rooting for you.

    75. noah derbaum

      Buff will win 28 to 14

    76. Joey Boombatz

      Kansas City by a long shot

    77. Ethan Tremblay

      Tonight there is pallets upon pallets of SB merchandise ready to go throughout the Midwest. The league has their new cash machine. If you're a fan of the remaining thirty-one teams. No worries. You only have the remainder of this decade to wait out until the league moves on to a different cash cow.

    78. john cao

      The volatile detail intriguinly saw because almanac consequentially arrive past a ajar coast. delirious, ahead bangladesh

    79. Josiah Masalosalo

      Shut The Bills Down KC Boys

    80. Gavin Caccamise

      Let’s go Buffalo bills

    81. Kenneth Diller

      These are going to be great playoff games. I just can't bring myself to bet against Tom Brady or Patrick Mahomes. But Aaron Rogers has had a great year. Dilemma!

      1. Cam

        This was a great example of why you don’t bet against both.

    82. John Par

      Raiders yeah

    83. Kevon Moore


    84. Chul Yeom

      The obnoxious lynx spectacularly spell because fly biomechanically boil midst a staking stepmother. alert, threatening watch

    85. Brandon Hathaway

      35 - 13 KC !

    86. Joesuan Cintron

      Bills 27-24 boomshakalaka

    87. David Hoffman

      34-27 Bills win

    88. Grosson

      My predictions: GB-TB: 24-27 KC-BB: 30-23

      1. Grosson

        @Dimer West you are stupid or what? Why would I do that? Why wouldn’t I wrote the right scores then???

      2. Dimer West

        the game already ended when you wrote that..

    89. Mosese Vaenuku

      Buffalo vs bucs......superbowl

    90. Anthony N/A

      Buffalo Bills have his game hands down it will be a close game

    91. Frank

      I say KC by a close one if BB came to play, if not KC takes this one over.

    92. M.E. Mesmoon

      This is going to be some game....especially if Mahomes plays. GO CHIEFS!! Praying for the Chiefs physical protection this game but dont wish injuries for either team....hoping they can outwit the Bills but it may be hard if Mahomes doesn't play! :'( Good wishes for both teams & nice playing this year Bills! Love the video & commentary! Lol

    93. Bick Hughes

      Bills 24-Chiefs17 lets go Buffalo !!!!!

    94. Donovan Nash

      I'm gonna be sad for u bills fan in here!! For What patty does to yall! Let alone Travis!!

    95. Connie Mcleskey

      All good luck to Kansas City Chief’s!

    96. Javier Leguizamo

      Chiefs 38 bills 22

    97. Jacob Pepple

      As a die hard Chiefs fan GO CHIEFS!! and congrats to the Bills on a great season and further success in the future

    98. Dangeruss 21

      59-56?! 😅

    99. Chris Rossetti

      Have To go with Bill's underdogs

    100. Adam Mills

      I'm a chiefs fan and I say bring it on!!!