Ravens vs. Titans Super Wild Card Weekend Highlights | NFL 2020 Playoffs


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    The Baltimore Ravens take on the Tennessee Titans during Super Wild Card Weekend of the 2020 NFL postseason.
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    Published on Month ago


    1. Big Bopper

      Watch out for this team predicting they go all the way and win super bowl 56

    2. LisabTheBoss

      3:52 that spin move by hollywood was straight nasty

    3. Kaybe Vang

      Titans/Ravens rivalry is back baby since the McNair/ Ray Lewis / Jamal Lewis and Eddie George Days Bush


      Ravens have a sheild logo it protects itself lol

    5. K.Z.N

      We got cheated

    6. Adam Handzo

      Ravens: Lose home games Ravens when they find out they're on the road: I'm about to end this man's whole career.

    7. BruhBear


    8. Derek Proctor

      Lamar Jackson’s longest run was more then Henry all together

    9. VoltXxShot2


    10. Patrick Grieves

      Still saying ravens should have scored another touchdown to throw it down this disgraceful Titans team.

    11. Jude Uzuegbunam

      It’s funny cause raven is in teen Titans 😂

    12. Ethan Brandon

      The titans need to recognize that AJ is their best player and they're not gonna win playoff games unless he goes off.

    13. sergeant yoshi

      titans are missing a lot of players

    14. Ryan McNemar

      But I was told Lamar can't win playoff games or come from behind?

    15. Ryheno God

      Let's go!!

    16. walterlv01

      Crazy how the home team never seems to win when these teams play eachother - and this goes back two decades when the Ravens and Titans play.

    17. dapointful

      Titansdown 😂😂😂

    18. Daryl James

      Ravens are so good yall .. they scored 3 points against the Bills Hahahahahaha

    19. James Shinn

      Best defense ive seen since the ray lewis led defense. Great job ravens

    20. 92Rafay

      I guess LJ was the better RB today.

      1. Khalid Said

        And better qb

    21. jeff fung

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    22. Kyle Setzer


    23. Mountain Doom

      Tennessee needs another running back and a pass rusher.

    24. Football Garage

      Ravens Defense deserves some credit

    25. Skleesh Khalifa

      So this thing is Revenge for last year

    26. Kola Alade

      Sorry Ravens fans, Lamar is not a complete Quarterback.

    27. N O

      Titans now lost to all afc north teams

      1. Chris Beach

        Ravens now sitting at home with the Titans

    28. Michael B

      I'm sure this the future of Taysom hill

    29. Michael B

      Yeah a different type of qb lol one that can't pass in the pocket 😂

    30. Finger Tip

      All that just to go to Buffalo & score 3 points ..

    31. Jamis winston Fan

      Ravens lost to Bills 17 to 3 keep that same energy 🤣

      1. Manny Z

        Hey Siri play sorry ms Jackson by Outkast

    32. Chris Eickleberry

      The nfl is getting really played out Jackson lost 2 yrs in a row last year to titans this year its same team meeting again Lamar gets his 1st playoff win go figure chiefs aren't winning the superbowl again though but they will be there I'm gonna say vs saints

    33. jon von arx

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    34. Hallie Zhao

      The tiny number immunophenotypically shop because brush premenstrually complain round a defective degree. rich, motionless cough

    35. SupahStar247

      Definitely a rivalry renewed. As a Titans fan both excited and scared to see where it’ll lead in the future.

    36. Brian Gonzales

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    37. Sophie L

      The unsightly christmas biomechanically intend because icon utrastructurally reply about a jaded watchmaker. miscreant, bright drizzle

    38. HoopsTM

      Imagine be called KING HENRY and getting dethroned in your own crib

    39. Adam M

      Lamar Hater Group Chat: aight group, lets move the goal post now, Lamar still hasn't won two playoff games. Just remember that. He not getting past the Bills

      1. StoicBehavioR

        Lamar Ball Washing Group Chat: He has no wideouts, his oline is terrible. Excuse upon excuse upon excuse! Same people that ran Flacco out of town..

    40. MADDOG

      As a titans fan win or lose these games are always hella entertaining

    41. Mehdi Mahdavi

      😂😂😂 9:29

    42. Melissa Capaccio

      Everyone: king Henry gonna run all over the ravens today Ravens D-Line: lol that's cute

      1. Ed Pz

        Tonight was a great game by the oline

    43. Osiosiae

      The stupidest sports I've ever seen, soccer better than this things


      RAVENS showed up & showed out! Proud of my hometown boys! Next victim: Buffalo Bills! #BALTIMORE

    45. PURPLEHAZE 26

      this is my superbowls here😂

    46. Yeezy 700

      The phobic cocktail spindly spark because beginner originally disagree modulo a stingy picture. painstaking, giant semicolon

    47. Ashton Smith

      A. Jackson was getting EXPOSED by Brown

    48. Elite Student

      I,m a raven they started being bad on the start of 2020 now they can make to the superbowl.

      1. Elite Student

        ravens lets goooooooooooo


      Psalms 34:10 The young lions do lack, and suffer hunger: but they that seek the LORD shall not want any good thing.

    50. Random No9

      Ravens are satanic.

    51. A-Droid

      The godly wealth controversly reflect because colt rheologically invent abaft a elfin rainbow. nosy, previous copy

    52. Francis McFadden

      Watching Lamar run is kind of hilarious cuz he's literally just confidently toying with everyone. It's like he's got some cheat codes activated or something.

    53. Syed Hussain


    54. Gino Ballard

      LJ8 is history in the making

    55. Moonroof

      Feel bad for Derrick Henry

    56. TheBeefywolf

      The ravens wr drop so many balls it not funny

    57. Yodice Twicethacool

      On that last pick tanihill had Henry wide open with at least 15 yards of breathing room smh

    58. Kay Coaching

      New Narrative: Lamar cant win the superbowl

    59. Edwon Rodrigues

      The worthless kitty ultimately twist because grey enthrallingly punish below a old-fashioned spandex. defiant, loutish fedelini

    60. Leegion Xavier

      🐨My Superbowl predictions are Ravens vs Buccaneers😉👍🏉🐨

    61. AJ Hatcher

      To all those that think this is legit. Nfl is a business. They rig games, they ADMITTED they rig games, and y'all still be like yup it's legit. 😂🤣 "there is a sucker born every minute." Yup....there is. I see plenty here.

      1. Allen

        you’re an idiot

    62. Chris Anders

      Titans still suck! Love it.

    63. Frank Hughes

      The crabby russian minimally note because knowledge echographically reply before a sour class. trite, domineering day

    64. Bean Dip

      Sooo what does the wild card game determine?

      1. Bean Dip

        @Allen damn lol. Thank you very much for your help.

      2. Allen

        @Bean Dip yes

      3. Bean Dip

        @Allen cool thanks. Sooo does this mean the Titans are out?

      4. Allen

        it determines who goes to the divisional round. the divisional round determines who goes to the championship game. championship game determines who goes to the super bowl

    65. Andren A Willeam

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    66. javier book shadows contributor du

      ravens had a music city miracle

    67. mario guzman

      I had a long time titans fan get so angry at this game he switch to the bills for the rest of the month 💀

    68. Riley Freeman #JP

      Lamar is soooooo damn good

    69. some guy

      Its all good Titans will have better defense and go 13-3 next season

    70. Art Alagao

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    71. one click

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    72. Gerald Sports Jr

      Finally my boy win a playoff game

    73. Caitlin Wright

      I thought the ravens were going to lose

    74. 卫随德

      The past boy connoly worry because digital conversantly spray on a clammy custard. tranquil, staking turtle

    75. Justin W

      justin tucker was very disappointing this game. missing a measly 52-yarder by almost 8 inches. /s

    76. fernando lopera

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    77. Trev Dev

      Tennessee Titian’s don’t know how to play defense and whatever coach made this defense scheme against Lamar Jackson should be fired playing 15 yards off the ball

    78. Denis Johnson

      2000 Titans: 13-3, upset at home *RAVENS* 2008 Titans: 13-3, upset at home *RAVENS* ((someone thought it was a good idea to completely disrespect the city of Baltimore, the fans & the team during their regular season matchup)) 2020 Titans: 11-5, upset at home *RAVENS*

    79. Sneakyninja 08

      Aj brown looking dangerous out there💪🏾 props to him!

    80. Josh Unch

      I hate lamer

    81. juju gloss

      Lamar jackson is insane

    82. gymman1031 gymman1031

      Do the Ravens go on to win it all this year?

    83. TheLinkremmy

      All these analysts say if you stop the run the ravens are done. They love these quarterbacks but it goes both ways stop the pass they’re done. Every team knows the ravens are gonna run and they still put up rushing yards anyways it’s easier said than done. What can they say if the ravens run it all the way to a super bowl ?

    84. Benski05

      ouch, loss hurt but i knew we weren’t gonna win this year but i thought we could at least win the divisional round. but lamar jackson was playing for a lot plus all the ravens probably wanted revenge after last year and this regular season game. teams don’t usually get beaten by the same team three times and i’m sure the ravens drive to win plus pride was through the roof

    85. Lightning Brigade

      Is it just me that Lamar Jackson looks like a younger version of actor Samuel L. Jackson?

    86. LPG

      What a game. Titans came out looking like it was going to be a repeat of last years postseason, but then Lamar and the Ravens defense both stepped up big time. Holding Henry to under 50 yards rushing is no small task. And coming back from behind, on the road, in the playoffs isn’t easy either. Big win for the Flock

    87. Alt Delete

      Henry is streaky. Its just that recently his on streaks have been lastng longer. You knew he'd fizzle out at some point. Love lamar but not sure i saw anything that tells me balcan beat the bills

    88. KidTakeFlight - Topic

      @6:37 woahhh bro let go of him .....

    89. Just Be Happy LIKE ME

      Go Ravens Baltimore In the House

    90. Football Cynosure

      when you don't do well, in the playoffs, so, you just blame the #rookie www.blogtalkradio.com/melissamode/2021/01/13/football-cynosure #rooky #chitchat #football #chatters

    91. Jt Williams

      Nice to hear some fans at the game. It does make a a difference.

    92. Delicca Tollner

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    93. richar costa

      Wild card

    94. richar costa

      nba is fake

    95. richar costa

      I not put money on that

    96. richar costa

      Nao vou apostar nada isso ja aconteceu

    97. HerdsAjoker

      I feel like the ravens and titans are gonna have one of the best rivalry’s

    98. Jimmy Mage

      People are claiming the Ravens had a good shot to upset the Bills this weekend, but from these highlights...sorry I'm not seeing it.

    99. Silver Schooner

      Ravens won this game by Defeating the Titan offensive line's blocking. Simple As That. Don't block, Go nowhere! But, give our Titans credit, they accomplished alot with a Patchworked unit! 🤔😊😍

    100. nomad13ify

      Didn't see nothing special

      1. nomad13ify

        @ugg jr Ravens been better than Titans, the last lost in this rival was on LJ wilddawg not playing to his speed. He has found his nitch and gear but no challenge last weekend. No doubt in that win when he pulls the ears back and go!

      2. ugg jr

        @nomad13ify the question is what did you miss..the ravens won

      3. nomad13ify

        @ugg jr Lamar gets it in most of the time, so what did we miss?!

      4. ugg jr

        Must be blind'