Aaron Donald Full Season Highlights | NFL 2020


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    Aaron Donald finished his season with 15.5 sacks, 4 forced fumbles, and 49 tackles.
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    Published on Month ago


    1. DirtyBoss

      He’s literally built like a Ram

    2. Zack S

      best football player of all time

    3. Riot Ninja

      He’s not even better than Tuitt and you gave him DPOY over TJ. I wonder how much money he had to pay for his first and 3rd DPOY. Neither were good seasons.

      1. DJ Diesel

        Lol what hole have you been living in?

    4. Peace Be Still

      Oh my goodness this guy

    5. Mark Anderson

      Greatest pass rusher ever in my opinion

    6. jefffowlerr

      Tj watt got him beat 15 sacks 56 tackles

    7. Charles Simril

      I studied them all they not even great nomore

    8. El Pingu

      Majestic is all I can say.

    9. FBI Stat Major

      he keeps this up and wins a ring he's better than lawrence

    10. Tom Walsh

      He's probably the only pass rusher that could challenge LT for defensive GOAT

    11. Musty Smells

      Usually when you see a dominant DT they're either insanely good at stopping the run, or collapsing the pocket. I've never seen a player so good that he could virtually make First Team All-Pro TWICE just solely on his run defense dominance and then pass rushing.

    12. Caleb Morice

      As a rams fan, if we dont get this man a ring idk if i will be able to continue being a fan

    13. ordered More

      I honestly feel like this guy could play skill positions. Mans is do freaking powerful, but so fast at the same time. I could see him running the ball, I could see him a tight end. I could see him at linebacker. He is by far the best DL I've ever seen

    14. wigglywou

      This who I’m trying to replicate my game after

    15. ja'quifa

      He was unblocked every time Tj was snubbed

    16. Black Panther

      Dont even like the Rams but man this guy is amazing

    17. Samuel Gonzales

      2:45 is why he is DPOY

    18. Yung Stat

      Joe Budden podcast......

    19. Right Near The Beach

      Joe Budden brought me here

    20. Organic Juice

      This guy is soo fun to watch man! I don't remember the last time I had this much fun watching a defensive player play, let alone defensive linemen! I hope he stays healthy for the remainder of his career because he's truly one of one.

    21. Quiroz Family TV

      Who’s here from the LBP

      1. Quiroz Family TV


    22. Beau

      Here bcuz of joe budden’s podcast lol

    23. realdogz09

      Who’s here from the JBP 😂

    24. Zanyy

      What is that jump swim he's doing called? Shits crazy

    25. james Ham

      A different animal

    26. Julius Dixon

      the gameplan for facing the rams d is don’t leave aaron’s 1v1

    27. Blow' The Whistle

      Arron Donald straight the most relentless DT OR DE Period,, OT or G have the most difficultness handling him n running backs slow down real quick run his direction that's called Dominance..

    28. 2pac Shakur

      Aaron Donald v Jonathan Ogden....... who wins!?

    29. vipahman

      COngrats to his DPOY!

    30. S-Trooper

      I'm a steelers fan and I accept he had a better season than TJ Watt. This is an interior lineman folks! I guarantee you can't name another interior lineman remotely close to this man's stats or even any where near how he jumps off the tape. Unbelievable!

    31. 1999bill1999

      If you can split him into two. You’ll have two hall of famers

    32. Johnny25k

      Crazy how he's dwarfed out there but he just powers through, absolute tank. Deserved DPOY for sure.

    33. Jeremy Britanico

      not my dpoy

    34. Nick Gargone

      Honestly he will go down as one of the best player of all time. Nobody gets triple teamed and handles it like it’s nothing. Accept for Aaron Donald. He will be a top D linemen of all time and will be a top 20 player off all time. LETS GO AD

    35. Twy_200

      0:50 did y’all see the way Aaron Donald jumped on top of that man

    36. Hunter schwartz

      Best in the league

    37. Sexy_melon

      Bro is a monster 😳

    38. Wes Hill

      Russell Wilson just gets owned every time he faces the Rams D-Line.

    39. Bigtask Athand

      He should play for the Giants!

    40. J Man

      Over rated

    41. Jamie Shin

      Why does it say 13.5 sacks on espn?

      1. Leul Tsegaye

        Because that was regular season he had 13.5 sacks

    42. Hugh G. Rection

      The part about Aaron Donald that shocks me the most is that normally, by this time, players would regress and one would see a drop in production or skill or athleticism. I'm a Rams fan, and I've been watching Donald extremely close every chance I get. The guys isn't getting any stronger. His strength has plateaued, but his skill, his technique, and his freaking athleticism has seriously gotten better. It's scary. He heals slower than the Terminator, but he heals faster than your average human. Total freak of nature..

    43. cloudy salt

      Aaron Donald is like a snake. You don’t see him till he gets you.

    44. Oof Goof

      Lmfao 1:25

    45. Nathan Siu

      This guy is easily the dpoy this year... tj watt is good, but AD is on a different level... this man is a beast

    46. Zee Naught

      This man is EXPLOSIVE

    47. Mark Jones

      Aaron donald is freak of nature

    48. Tristan Lockamy

      NFL where are Ryan Tannehill’s highlights?

    49. Francisco Rodriguez

      I think Aaron is more dangerous than Prime time.

    50. Francisco Rodriguez

      Wow just wow. Try martial art skills

    51. Oscar Patiño

      Soon to be 3x DPOY

      1. Oscar Patiño

        @- LinusTheGOAT - soon to be 4x 😎

      2. - LinusTheGOAT -

        He just did

    52. Christopher Vassell

      I remember watching this guy as a kid in college, and I thought he was the best linemen I'd ever seen. Glad I wasn't going crazy.

    53. Ed Pz

      He need a ring to be on the Hall of fame. Otherwise he will be forgotten

      1. Ernest Maturan

        Nah if he doesn't get a ring he's still a hofer but he needs a ring

    54. Michael Spencer

      Never thought I’d see a better defensive tackle than Warren ASAP. But he’s better.

    55. Jacob Mahinay

      Lets get that ring next year donald

    56. Eric S

      As a packers fan i wanna say much respect to the terminator mr.Donald!

    57. blazeforprez

      Monster... dude is playing tackle n causing this much chaos unreal

    58. Greyham Lockett

      Well as good as you say he is, I remember SB53

    59. Sports Fan Tommy

      He is a beast!

    60. Jackson Davies

      Best player in rams history

    61. Caleb Edwards


    62. Dan Memmel

      Reminds me of another DL that would dominate games...Howie Long. Much respect to this man for his work and passion for the game. The tears after the game only make me respect him more - we should see more of that passion from grown men lucky enough to play a kids game.

    63. Sunus Holloway

      Why? when the only QB your too wanna see get hit and sacked SOMETIMES, going up against the most dynamic explosive aggressive defensive player in the game he not 100% . Too me its like Aaron Rogers has been immune to getting tackled and sacked for a long time. Aaron Donald not playing in a game Specially a playoff game is the same as losing your star quarterback

    64. Brandon Ignacio

      I don't care what you say but Aaron Donald has the fastest get-offs in the NFL, probably even in NFL history, I don't honestly know how the he's so damn quick when getting into the backfield

    65. Jeremy Johnson

      You gave this season everything you had AD99, and for that I commend you my guy. 💪🏾 Even tho you were injured the last game of this season, you showed your love and passion for the game by still going out there and competing. I got mad respect for the greatest defensive tackle the league has ever seen. 👏🏾👏🏾

    66. MF

      We’re watching greatness. He needs a SB ring once it’s all set and done. Heads held high. No one expected AD and LA to even make the playoffs.

    67. MrSuperFly87

      Best defensive football player in the NFL

    68. Jaccobtw

      Close to LT caliber. Could win MVP

    69. Gilbert v

      Offensive coordinators: No way you're gettting through the o-line, its 3 against 1 Aaron Donald: I like those odds

      1. Clip Central

        didn’t like those odds yesterday 🤣

    70. Brandon Ignacio

      Aaron Donald's going to be one of the greatest Defensive player of all time, First Ballot HoF, one of the greatest players of all time and arguably the greatest Defensive Tackle of all time when he retires

      1. Owen Merritt

        Already the best dt of all time, 2 time DPOY and 20.5 sacks as a DT facing double teams most of the time. Dude is absurd

    71. james quinones

      This year of 2021 the Rams should be motivated the next Super Bowl will be at their stadium

    72. james quinones

      He should be called The Hulk but wat a season he has. Brandon Staley better not take up Head Coach job he should stay a year or 2.

    73. Football Legends

      The get off at 2:48. That’s all you have to know about how athletic he is lmao

      1. Hugh G. Rection

        It's insane. The play was over in two seconds. Aaron Donald is absolutely insane.

    74. white as snow

      Makes the extraordinary look ordinary.

    75. Scruff D0g

      Already a hall of fame lock and is still on his prime before even turning 30 years old.

    76. Scruff D0g

      Greatest Defensive Player of All time since Reggie White

      1. CJ PatsNation

        No he’s not the best all time. He’s good yea, but where is he in the big games where it counts? No where. And don’t tell me “oh they double team him” If he’s that good as y’all say he is he’ll get thru 3 ppl.

      2. Chris Wolf

        Donald is atleast a top 10 defensive player of all time

    77. Football TV

      Best defensive player in the league

    78. Riot Ninja

      Tuitt was better. “Wahh Russell sat on me” - Aaron Donald

    79. The Carter

      He's not very talented or brave. Rams need to upgrade

      1. Buddy Gass

        Ok your either a joke or just a pure rams and Donald hater

      2. American artist

        You’re joking, right?

    80. vLONEx xPAPi

      Tears in the chat for 99 💧

    81. MCM

      his OBLIQUE is torn its not "ribs" like they wanna tell u..

    82. Christopher Bingham

      He had a great regular season, but this guy never shows up in the playoffs

      1. Osama Bin Laden

        @Christopher Bingham he had hurt ribs, that would hinder any player’s ability to play

      2. Christopher Bingham

        If he was healthy enough to play, he was healthy. No excuses

    83. PhillyJay. OnePlus 6T- Samsung A51 5G

      Aaron Donald will never win anything with the Rams.

      1. Osama Bin Laden

        @PhillyJay. OnePlus 6T- Samsung A51 5G it does matter, it did this season. It was 3 years ago. That doesn’t mean they stayed the same

      2. PhillyJay. OnePlus 6T- Samsung A51 5G

        @Osama Bin Laden it don't matter, in 2018 when the Rams went to the super bowl they scored 527 points on offense and still lost the super bowl lmao

      3. Osama Bin Laden

        The offense needs improvement

    84. Lyle Berzin

      you blink and he's behind the line of scrimmage. absolute beast.

      1. Sturm Truppen

        The worst DTs in the league do that it’s how the game works

      2. Clip Central

        not yesterday 🤩🧀

    85. Bored

      Even if there was a a league above the NFL Donald would be the best in that league too

    86. P S


      1. Buddy Gass

        Bud are you stupid

    87. Tezz #3

      Y’all don’t waste no time 😂

    88. Torin O'Connor


    89. Krystina Hilpert 002

      10:43 has the best 😍💋 💝💖❤️

      1. RYAN HEWITT

        Explain your science

    90. PastHours

      Hope he gets a ring soon

    91. Kelly Mc

      He’s a beast

    92. Bozzbosspro

      Finally ‼️

    93. Will Riley

      Most athletic DT ever

    94. Freddy Masters

      Wait a minute, how does your OVERALL sack count for the season end in a #DECIMAL ?? Unless there's such thing as a FRACTION OF A SACK. LMAO!! WTH

      1. Kenneth Eric

        Its half a sack. Say him and someone else gets the sack at the same time its then half a sack to each player who got the sack.

    95. 392

      Its unfortunate he had to finish the season injured.

      1. Mr Rager

        @OfficialHexiGone Respect bro but y’all still did work though. That O Line is crazy good even without the David B.

      2. Michael R

        You can totally see the difference with just these highlights when compared to any of the plays against the Packers. I respect him for making the to attempt to play, and I definitely understood why he was sidelined majority of the second half.

      3. Brandon Ignacio

        AD, Wolford, Kupp, now Lamar, people getting hurt man

      4. OfficialHexiGone

        Even as a packer fan I was very concerned and almost upset he missed so much of the game. It just seemed unfair that such a huge part of their defense wasn't 100%, and I wish him the best of luck next year

    96. laura baylor

      @serena ward its a japanese skin lightening lotion. It says in the article the african american celebrities in hollywood use it and is strong enough that it changes their skin color from dark skin to light skin mixed race,however they deny it matsuiskinlightening.com/products/bleaching-skin-lightening-orange-peeling-lotion-100-ml-top-selling-product i guess they deny using this lotion because they just want people to think they are naturally light skinned and not bleaching their skin lighter, they should just be honest.

    97. AFB

      Donald moves like a Lion, these 400lb D-line guys just can't stop him💪💥💀

      1. Success Storm

        @Dylan hayek so he could play obviously it affected him

      2. Success Storm

        @Dylan hayek he has a torn rib cage

      3. Jackson Scott

        @Dylan hayek people lie

      4. Dylan hayek

        @Jackson Scott he said he felt fine

      5. Jackson Scott

        @Dylan hayek Dude was obviously super injured

    98. Steve Marty

      So defense can’t win championships....

      1. Ol' GOAT City

        the notion of defense wins championships is so overblown as if like offense don't matter at all.

      2. Joseph Wang

        i mean their defense got exposed it wasn't even an offense vs defense thing they were straight up trash

    99. Pac Meez

      Monster man. I know my 49ers held him in “check” this session but he’s still the best defender in my opinion

      1. MainAccount

        1st game definitely, a lot of it was bc of the quick throws, but the second game he was an absolute monster

      2. Clip Central

        @Heso Melo 🤣🤣🤣

      3. Heso Melo


    100. EOS Related

      Can't even call him a DT. A good amount of this video had him dominating at defensive end.