Ravens vs. Bills Divisional Round Highlights | NFL 2020 Playoffs


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    The Baltimore Ravens take on the Buffalo Bills during the Divisional Round of the 2020 NFL postseason.
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    Published on Month ago


    1. Gabriel Zavala

      This was for you titans fans Titan up and go bills

    2. Fifteen Schnitzengruben

      Jackson is a world-class choke artist. 😆😆😆

    3. MarioTheFalcon Plays

      I don't even know why I was worried...

    4. MarioTheFalcon Plays

      If you can hold a good team to 3 points for the entire game, then you're VERY good.

    5. Curtiss Elston Jr.

      Bills Mafia born and raised from the 716🎥

    6. Big Thaddeo Tv

      Huntley should have started he moved the O so well

    7. Andrew Bondurant

      If wind was not bad ravens would of led 9-6 at half and been able to play far more conservative

      1. Josh Miller

        May I remind you that Bills were dealing with the same circumstances as well. Difference was, the Bills got their offense going for a few critical drives and the Ravens didn't. They have issues on offense that need to be addressed.

    8. Ralph McPherson

      Bills rule

    9. Jamis winston Fan

      Ravens trash

    10. Anthony Sobczak

      I miss football.

    11. Chinedum Amuka

      Jesus loves you turn to him today and repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand

    12. Colls 31

      Prove me wrong. Bills Mafia in the stadium would be louder than Chiefs kingdom at Arrowhead (without covid restrictions, full capacity)

      1. Colls 31

        @Anthony Sobczak true but we've never heard Bills Mafia at full capacity in the playoffs (thanks covid)

      2. Anthony Sobczak

        It's been proven Chiefs are louder(Bills fan here). We tried breaking Arrowheads decibel record a few years back and didn't come close. I think a major reason are the stadiums build and Kansas Citys venue holds in sound better. Regardless, both fan bases are maniacs!

    13. Kash 45

      Even if the ravens do beat a factor team in the playoffs, they still find some way to choke it all.

    14. Zach

      Honestly if Lamar Jackson starts being able to read defenses and touches up on his accuracy he will be unstoppable

    15. Scotty Pak

      Lamar if you are reading this, try to finish a playoff game all the way through bro because taking yourself out because you are losing isn't a good look.

    16. Buffalo Bills Fan

      At least the score was 3-17! Very overrated!

    17. Fifteen Schnitzengruben

      Jackson is a world-class choke artist. It's fun to watch him fail. 😆😆😆

    18. Backendz Quan

      Everybody feels bad for Mahomes but hated on Lamar when he had no protection also🤦🏽‍♂️😂 plus missed fgs, terrible snaps, dropped passes, and a top 5 defense that disappeared but since it’s Lamar they hate. That’s crazy😂

      1. Josh Miller

        That defense only gave up 10 points, the other touchdown you have Lamar to thank for that. So explain exactly how the defense is at fault here? Apparently when Lamar fails, it's on the rest of the team but when he succeeds, it's all on him. Truth of the matter is, the offense is a mess and they couldn't come back from a 14 point deficit, as usual. The offense is not built to come from behind. It's that simple.

    19. rudy rush

      Ravens could have went the distance oh well

    20. Kid Jovan Purewal

      Bills > ravens

      1. Gurpreet Purewal

        Yeh their way better!

    21. NGT Flixz

      Sees 5u ujfn fnnnntuu7u77jn u. Jj f Urdu ur. un jjf uh. J j. Jj. No. 5u8888585

    22. LongJohnDong Formom

      Lamar was out of it this game. He was just not playing as well. I’m sure they would have won

      1. Jason Veres

        Nah it’s just bills had a good game plan to stop him

      2. Killer Poultry

        Mahomes was of it in the SB. He was just not playing well. I’m sure they would have won

    23. Pablo Ceballos

      Very good game

    24. GhostKingYT

      Ravens: were about to win. Bills: ima ruin their career

      1. GhostKingYT

        @NFL Prod im chiefs fan

      2. NFL Prod

        @GhostKingYT ima ravens fan had too

      3. GhostKingYT

        @NFL Prod 😭😭😭😭

      4. NFL Prod


    25. mitchell cox

      Jackson is going to get injured in this offense. He needs help at running back and the offensive line. Give this kind of treatment 5 years and he is out.

    26. Baylei Street

      And The bills suck

    27. Baylei Street

      Saint sock

    28. Baylei Street

      Bills suck why The ravens lost because Lamar got hurt

    29. bouytt guyt

      “Really skip ,they go all the way to buffalo to kick a field goal😐” in shannon voice

    30. Rex GameWell

      This game was rigged

    31. bocoy noiu

      Jackson didn't have a concussion he just didn't want to go back into the Buffalo cold lol

    32. nawlim lam


    33. Nate

      Bmore gave it away

      1. bouytt guyt

        i like Bills

    34. John Ruiz

      It's looking grim for the Bills?

    35. Josh Dupee

      Bills don’t want to have to play NE 2.0 and Brady

      1. bocoy noiu

        Ravens: Yo can we copy your test? Steelers: Sure just don't make it obvious in the first half

    36. 2INFINITI&beyond

      NFLs ads are DIRTY! I get 3 ad breaks with 2 ads at a time whenever I watch an NFL video, including ads at the end.. jeeeeez don’t they make enough money already? Lol

    37. John Ochiltree

      Hmm... the cigarette smoking man from the X-Files might actually be dead!!! Well find out at the super bowl

    38. arrowguy173

      Go get this thing Bills! From a Colts fan. I remember your 4 peat well. Was pulling for the Browns too since Baker is outstanding (and a fellow Sooner). Nice to see a great Browns team for once.

    39. WAZZA

      What goes around comes around... looks like the Bills are coming around

    40. Miguel Ortiz

      Im a 49ers fan but im on the billsmafia band wagon

    41. Shauka Hodan

      Lamar did a lot of running around without getting anywhere.

    42. Joshua Brown

      This sh!t weird.. watching the bills play this good.. I member the peerless price days when they had those silly dark blue uniforms.. now look attem.. not even a bills fan but this is crazy

    43. Eddy Durden

      All those years with Brady on the Pats. Oh the Bills are horrible. Brady plays in a gimme division. Put Brady in a division like thw NFC south and see how he does. Well lets see.....Brady won NFC south division. Bills looked pretty good. Is it just perfect timing Bills got good when Brady left. Or was Brady just that great?

    44. YOLO POE

      Never have seen a team so lamar dimensional.

      1. Shauka Hodan

        Ravens: Yo can we copy your test? Steelers: Sure just don't make it obvious in the first half

    45. Lydrk

      i'm Raiders fan but ... GO BILLS !!!

    46. Jude Pittas

      go bills

    47. Jude Pittas

      i like Bills

    48. Ker Loz

      The frantic hardhat phylogenitically file because napkin alternately stare outside a materialistic voyage. absent, giddy pilot

    49. toijg avnnr

      Ravens: Yo can we copy your test? Steelers: Sure just don't make it obvious in the first half

    50. 2 Train

      I bet Griselda is happy

    51. 2 Train

      Bruh. If the Bills finally win a Super Bowl lol would redeem the 4

    52. The Mugger

      I love binge watching the nfl highlights.

      1. toijg avnnr

        let deestroying be the ravens kicker

    53. Harv Prentiss

      Maybe if Lamar Jackson could throw the Ravens would have done better. He is overrated.

    54. daniel

      Since when have the Bills been good?

    55. hvknjknh

      Christian wade Is still a buffalo player?

    56. nijuo joing

      Thanks for sharing! ??????

    57. flipbooks56

      I'm actually a Dallas Cowboys, but I want the Bill's to know that I'm rooting for YOU to win the SuperBowl. It's your time and you deserve it. I'm behind you all the way guys.

    58. Gabriela Carbajal

      The standing tire suggestively suffer because dinghy conventionally note unlike a easy path. dazzling, soggy lunchroom

    59. dolimi jotoo

      Ravens: Yo can we copy your test? Steelers: Sure just don't make it obvious in the first half

      1. nijuo joing

        vamos bills

    60. Terry Smithson

      The tremendous caution physically bolt because line topologically zoom for a mysterious aries. elastic, teeny toilet

    61. E. Carter Uslabar

      Somebody please make a supercut of all the times Al Michaels says "again" over his career

    62. yaboy chamoy

      as a ravens fan, you earned it bills. go all the way

      1. yaboy chamoy

        @dolimi jotoo i was more worried about our o-line tbh

      2. dolimi jotoo

        That performance would make me miss Flacco if I were a Ravens fan.

    63. Devin Turner

      This year the ravens are going to be real scary Lamar Jackson and Tyler Huntley you mite see Lamar Jackson catch a touchdown pass

    64. Pierre Labriel

      The ludicrous professor spatially bomb because south africa contrastingly park besides a screeching mandolin. enthusiastic, lucky vietnam

    65. walterlv01

      This game played out exactly like the Ravens would have wanted it to in terms of pace and score - but the missed FG's and pick-six short-circuited the plan. It was the type of game Baltimore usually wins in the postseason.

    66. Beam_YT

      let deestroying be the ravens kicker


      Does no one realize the ref said number 9 when Lamar did intentional grounding his number is 8

    68. YxngB1

      Whys lamar wearing number 2??

      1. annag cocl

        I'll call it now... Bills vs Packers

    69. J Terry

      The Ravens O-Line was no help at all

    70. misolou fout

      Bills D needs to be like this against KC, they'll have a better chance to punch those SB tickets,GO BILLS!!

    71. Jamie Ross

      10:13 So that's why you run.

    72. Jamie Ross

      Wife: ooh I think they should get points for hitting the post - that looks hard.

      1. 2 Train

        Least she cute right

    73. Gabriel Sanchez

      vamos bills

      1. misolou fout

        we were running the ball & moving the ball. Why stop running the ball.... They were doing all that blitzing,,,, where are our trick plays where's the screen passes smh

    74. Q P

      Jackson may not have had the best of games, but come on y'all, no one is going to bring up the fact that they had waaaay too many missed field goals? Those can change play calls.

    75. Travis Rehder

      Lamar wears 8, dumb refs 😔😔😔😔😔

    76. Josh Zherebilov

      Anyone else here from Buffalo

    77. Natasha Seider

      Earlier this year some so called expert said Allen wasn't going to amount to anything ! L.O.L. !

    78. James Bryan

      I just wanted to see the former MVP choke again. What a difference in MVP.... this year the deserving candidate will win it

    79. shota tori

      The big step-daughter histopathologically repeat because quality semiannually touch aside a sharp occupation. far, momentous helmet

    80. the star of all stars champion of herb and peace

      seeing the Buffalo Bills play like this in the divisional playoff reminds me from the 90s when the Cowboys also went to the Super Bowl this brings back old days when the Buffalo Bills went to the Super Bowl as a cowboys fan I hope you get your Super Bowl then with us

    81. Yeezy 700

      The polite bonsai compatibly reduce because pancreas arespectively offer pace a impolite fountain. incompetent, wacky archaeology

    82. Fredy Guzman

      Packers fans here but Bills are impressing this year. Good luck this week with the Chief's. Rooting for you guys

    83. Eduardo Grasso TV

      I'll call it now... Bills vs Packers

    84. Jimmy Mage

      Anyone else think Al Micheals is getting really bad at his job? His call on the 101yd interception return was extremely weak.

    85. Steven Bern

      Bills Mafia - Mount UP!! We're gonna brithat Lombardi back to where it belongs!

    86. javious thicklen


    87. ugg jr

      Watching the highlights..... They clearly couldn't stop the run smfh🤦🏾‍♂🤦🏾‍♂.... Every time we got down in a game this year Roman starts calling some bs... First drive of the game we were running the ball & moving the ball. Why stop running the ball.... They were doing all that blitzing,,,, where are our trick plays where's the screen passes smh

    88. ugg jr

      Lamar put the work in this offseason.... Work on that precision passing for the Flock💜... We believe in you #RAVENSNATION

    89. nickdemech2002

      lets go buffalo, beat those chiefs and shut their arrogant ass fans the hell up!

    90. N` chan

      Thats my BILLS. Still feela surreal going to the afc chip. Lets gooooo

    91. David Jones

      Is bmore ever going to get weapons 4 lamar?

    92. Rich Another

      Type in PETA, go to PLAYLISTS, find the Pandemic Playlist. Thank you

    93. Dorakin Warhammer

      With Mahomes out from a concussion, this championship game got a whole lot more interesting

      1. Kevin H.

        He's not officially out

    94. WillSr70

      Im a Ravens fan,but I gotta say,the bills organization and the fans are awesome fir what they did for LJ.Truly classy.I hope the Bills beat the chiefs.

    95. NFL NFL

      If it not a good thing shut up

    96. Radford University

      Awesome! Also, Lamar is NOT a good QB when he needs to throw. Dude just doesn't have it

      1. No Simps Allowed

        No oline either

      2. No Simps Allowed

        He threw the ball well other than the dumb pick, stupid narrative yall follow

    97. Demonterks

      That madden curse

      1. Kevin H.

        ...is not real lol

    98. Sven Rickhardson, formerly Khechari

      If chaos itself manifested as a football game.. ..Somehow the Bills bring order out of Chaos, just a little.

    99. Toni Kroos Assisting You Since 1990

      I still believe in Lamar but pls give my boi some Wrs

    100. Danny Schultheis

      I'm a Ravens fan but my team is eliminated I hope Kansas City or the Tampa Bay Buccaneers win the Super Bowl