Chiefs vs. Buccaneers Week 12 Highlights | NFL 2020


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    The Kansas City Chiefs take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during Week 12 of the 2020 NFL season.
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    Published on 3 months ago


    1. Jesse Otero


    2. T W

      The Chief's OL replacement absolutely S.T.U.N.K. A.L.L. Game

      1. Michael Murphy

        You realize those guys all started 13+ games this year except for one, right?

    3. Corey Davis

      i can watch this video now because i know my bucs clapped them in the Super Bowl

    4. I Own Adog

      1:31 Winfield certainly did not forget this lmaoo

    5. Evan Sobh

      Peace out from Winfield!!✌🏾

    6. tyreekbuckinghill


    7. Aleph Zaphkiel

      After the half, I think these Bucs found their identity with this team, sure they might have not won the game but they scored on almost all their drives in the 4th Quarter. And with that Bye Week, they really started to mesh and build on their approach to the game and everything was starting to click. The defense started putting the clamps down, the O-Line was getting more affluent in the blocking schemes and adjustments by Tom Brady with his receivers and running backs.

    8. PizzaDan167

      I had no idea the REAL Super Bowl was in November

    9. Andreas World

      Super Bowl LV

    10. Sharon Hall Duker

      Help is on the way

    11. Tim White

      This game lost, Chiefs the Super bowl.

    12. Lucky Eddy

      I don't why everyone was saying that it was because of the backup O-line that the Chiefs were exposed in the Super Bowl. The starting O-line was very much dominated the entire game. The only reason that they scored more was because of the attempted man coverage on T. Hill. The moment they went to 2 Deep safety, he wasn't as effective. And Skip was right. Tampa Bay dominated the second half. And then they also dominated the game that mattered. 31-9 Ass whopping. At best.

    13. Aye Mayne

      Perfect how they met at the Superbowl for revenge



    15. Dutchess Wingate

      Jake from State Farms has two Superbowl QB's that are giving Tom Brady a pedicure in 2021.

    16. Taba Allday

      I’m here because My buddies kept making excuses, “if the chiefs had their regular offensive line, it would’ve been a different story.”💪🏼 (Correct me if I’m wrong) I’m like, only one guy is missing since this game... Fisher. 💁🏻 Osemele & Shwartz was out wayy before this game (gm 5 & 6)🤷🏻 Wylie & Reiter still was in the line up? 💁🏻 What are my buddies talking about?🤔

    17. Todd Ingram

      I'd rather have clutch Eli Manning than choke Patricia Mahomes against Thomas Brady in the Super Bowl. ;)

    18. Sagittariustoo

      Big difference in this game vs no O-Line in SB.

    19. peepee poopoo69


    20. BLVCKHOODIE -Pyro

      This proves how rigged the superbowl was. Look at the gameplan the chiefs were being creative. in the superbowl it was like the oline was payed to just sit there.

      1. James F.

        Nah, it's proof the Bucs didn't try in this game. They let Tyreek run all over them in the first quarter.

    21. David Mackie

      Watching this after SB, I'm amazed that any football experts picked the Chiefs to win. Their O in this game was almost entirely passing, and in SB their O line started out decimated. So the Bucs D-line in SB could rush all-out, ignoring the non-existent running game, while Bucs D-backs made sure there were no long TDs, counting on holding Chiefs to FGs if they got to red zone. Sure, _my_ hindsight is 20/20, but experts should have seen this coming. The Bucs D coordinator sure did!

    22. Wyatt Vuitton

      This game was better than the super bowl

    23. Tom Cruz

      Ok pce out bye tyreek

    24. 80xdrop35

      WHY THE HECK The chefs lost the super bowl and they bloow up in this game

      1. Sagittariustoo

        No o line in Super Bowl explains it quite well.

    25. Karble Chirchir


    26. Rice Adrian

      The poor doggie had to suffer and watch dis XD.

    27. jaquaime battie

      After watching this that SB was definitely rigged

    28. Hailong Xiao

      Tyreek Hill eat the✌️

    29. Owl Child1

      Lol we dominated this game its fine thaft bucs won they needed the superbowl W more i doubt they will be able to go back next season #ChiefsKingdom

    30. Kirk Meyers

      Crazy to see how hard the Defense shutdown the Chiefs in the Bowl.

    31. Jason Alexander

      Peace sign at 1:20 and its interesting how the NFL put that on their thumbnail, lol.

    32. UhRealityWasTaken

      This should've been the Superbowl score.

    33. LSU TIGERS

      And than 3 months later these 2 rematch in the super bowl with the bucs winning

    34. Sir Dope


    35. Scott Aznavourian

      Other then adjustments in game plan and execution the difference for tampa between this game and superbowl 55 was confidence. Tyreek hill does that back flip here and the bucs don't respond. They didn't have the swagger in week 12 they would get from 7 straight wins.

    36. Sean Hester

      @2:30 and with that backflip the bucs never lost again, granted they didn't finish their comeback that night but that was the end of losing for Tom

    37. bigbaba1111

      Who is here right after....taking a nap?😎

    38. Jeremy Diaz

      NFL has always been scripted next to WWE, come on brainwashed sheep, don't die being lied too #223

      1. Jeremy Diaz

        Read the Bible, discover and find what is true to you

      2. Cromtu Sparg

        and the earth is flat

    39. Floch Forster

      Same teams Same stadium Same Network Same Commentators But some differences The Uniforms The Winner The player who did ✌️

    40. Chris Dodges

      I thought people said the Chiefs whooped the Bucs ass.. They lost by a field goal. Basically an even game.

    41. ColdZeno


    42. Jack Doti

      1:30 biggest mistake of his life

    43. SuperMario49 Gaming

      Crazy how things change lol Chiefs got absolutely destroyed

    44. Fun guy no emotion

      It looks like they focus heavily on 2 players. But at the second half on defense started to look like the whole game went for the bucs

    45. hoodstar92

      Oh how the tables turned!

    46. WiiSportsIsKool

      if only chiefs did the same in super bowl

    47. Ranger CK

      After the first quarter the bucs outplayed the chiefs and that carried through the Super Bowl

    48. RuffRize Rise

      Vegas paid the sb so Brady can win one last one to retire with his boyfriend gronk, we all know is chiefs ain’t that garbage.

      1. Michael Murphy

        Dude, take off your tin foil hat. You sound silly.

      2. Joe jad

        @RuffRize Rise Chiefs got humbled. Accept defeat

      3. RuffRize Rise

        @Numel it’s obvious. They made mahomes lose because he has a long time in the nfl left to win more. Brady doesn’t so they gave him his last one

      4. Numel

        @RuffRize Rise and did u notice how Mahomes is taking no blame ??? they are blaming it all on THE OLINE! so set up like it was planned to cement Bradys legacy without damaging the future face of the NFL ...BULLSHITE! we are the smart ones who see this bullshite

      5. RuffRize Rise

        @Numel just look how chiefs play you already know they don’t play that terrible...

    49. Sarada Sreeram

      Antoine. Winfield. Jr.

    50. CRH

      When the Chiefs ended the game with 27 after hitting 24 in the first half I knew they would lose if they played the Bucs again

    51. Skeezy Xo

      i dont understand how the bucs got destroyed by every time but they win in the playoffs

      1. jrad410

        Coaching and adjustments

    52. I'm Batman

      Who's here after the Bucs exposed the overrated Chiefs to 9 points and no Tds.

      1. Patrick Hausenfleck

        A Team that Obviously Only Excelled off it's Quarterbacks' inner EGO....(less we never forget his mic'd up Exclamation..."I'm A BEAST!"😜😂.........To that I say..."Bless the Beasts and the Children.... for they have Much to Learn"😏

    53. Maya Manese

      To all the buccaneers fans did you still love tom brady when he was with the patriots?

    54. Ianツ

      Who else thought this game would repeat?

    55. P Phan

      So satisfying coming back to this video after watching that mediocre Mahomes losing in the SB. ✌🏼

    56. los mataperros

      KC kansas City vs TB Tom Brady :v

    57. Honda Beast

      Y'all looking for 1:29

    58. Syed Fahad Gerdazi

      maybe cheifs won this bu in the super bowl absolue trashhh it was really 9 to 31 in a superbowl

    59. Chris Orozco

      Tom brady owes everything to the defense. They completely out played Mahomes and chiefs

      1. jrad410

        Lol what Brady shredded the chiefs in both games. After the 1st quarter the Bucs saw what the chiefs were doing

    60. Mr. Wonderful

      Refs cheated.

    61. Brief Construction Montages

      Um, what happened since then?

    62. Yeshua Rivera

      This is how the super bowl should have been, but it was so one sided, gotta love paid off refs

      1. P Monk

        Quit cryin' about the refs, Chiefs choked.

    63. Jonathan Jose Villagra Paguada

      Well well...

    64. Joseph Gonzalez

      Bro wasn’t this Their last lost during the regular season? Bc wasn’t they like 11-5 at the end of the season

    65. Casey Schneider

      Brady should have been playing against a college team like Crimson tide in the superbowl game the goat would have lost to a college team😂

    66. vinh nguyen

      I got an Amber Alert for Hill missing family..

    67. nico halili

      That tyreek hill peace sign went back to him in SB. 😂

    68. มินมิน


    69. Dats a Paddlin

      The Bucs “We took it personal ✌️”

    70. Joseph Chan

      Winfield: ✌

    71. NWL Wiffle Ball

      Kinda like the nfl universe forgot about this game 😂

    72. IamChels

      I guess they were expecting the refs to help them again in the super bowl🤭👀🤣🤣🤣🤣

    73. JAYDAN

      The refs really did it for Brady and now it is so many buccaneers bandwagons now

      1. JAYDAN

        @Real Is Real was yo team

      2. Real Is Real

        Aaaaah. There's nothing more satisfying at this moment than watching cocky chiefs fans who thought they were unbeatable after winning one Superbowl in their lifetime

    74. Nick Bronson

      Its amazing what mahomes can do when he's not running for his life every play

    75. Ry

      We're all here for 1:24

    76. Dk metcalf Goat

      Lol chiefs got the smacking in the sb😂😂😂

    77. Stephen Skogs


    78. Nobody

      In hindsight, this is just a rehearsal to probe the weakness of the Chiefs.

    79. Paul Thompson

      Meh...This is nothing compared to the hiding they got in SB against the Bucs!!

    80. Alfredo Santoscoy

      Ah so this is why Winfield gave Hill the peace sign. Lmao he was waiting all night to do that.

    81. Adam Williams

      Who’s here after the Super Bowl?? How the Tables have turned indeed!!!! The Tampa Bay Bucs were clearly the better than the Kansas City Chiefs and Tyreek Hill “The Cheetah” was locked in his cage by that Bucs Secondary!!!!! 😎😎😎😎 😈😈😈😈

    82. best bang

      1:20 you all came for this

      1. Alexander Kontoulis

        And I took that personally

    83. Travis Thornton Jr

      Anyone here after they lost last night?

    84. Daniel B

      This game was a try out game for the super bowl. The Bucs learned everything to game adjust while KC went into the SuperBowl playing the same with no game plan. That’s why they loss! Overconfident 😂

    85. Seth Luthge

      who else randomly got this recommended after the super bowl

    86. atlsniper45

      1:30 should be forever named "when karma strikes your ass back" Super Bowl edition

    87. Estefano Albavera

      Veo este partido y es increíble como no apareció mahomes ayer

    88. The_GoatCaleb76

      Yessir 31-9 🤣

    89. No U

      Buccaneers went all out on the Chiefs in Super Bowl 55.

    90. Cringe

      Dominated all season. Choked when it mattered most.

      1. jrad410

        I wouldn’t call that a choke, they just got beat down

      2. encycl07pedia

        They didn't dominate all season. I didn't see them go 18-1. Only the 2007 Pats can claim that distinction.

      3. Ron De Ford

        @Thomas Sankara that’s all the Chiefs Secondary did was hold the BUCS WRs! GO BUCS!!!

      4. Thomas Sankara

        Just like MaFrauds. Dominates the season. Chokes in SBs. Only won SB 54 because the refs didn't call holding at all. And now Chiefs fans are crying because they called it. Haha

    91. JJ Matko

      Karma is a pain and Hill shud remember that 🤣

    92. David Salgado

      But tyreeks taunting isnt a flag🤦🏻‍♂️. That's why he got what he deserved

      1. David Salgado

        @Alex Lascheid but he made it personal so why was he crying

      2. Alex Lascheid

        A td celebration isnt a flag

    93. OBNOX IOUS

      500 million to just have one of the biggest super bowl chokes in NFL history. BAAA HAHAHAHA 😂🤣

    94. lesmo whomever

      This SB was one of the biggest scams ever. I knew the outcome before the game was played and refused to watch. There is no better way to sell the NFL in this pandemic than super hero Brady.

      1. lesmo whomever

        @P Monk Fact...Rules were changed and ignored to accommodate Brady. Because of the pandemic, these teams are operating without the usual preparations. I have grown tired of the way games are aired with the incessant yakking and close-ups. Yeah shut up and dribble...huh? Trump interjected himself into sports with the fake patriotism act. I could care less.

      2. P Monk

        @lesmo whomever , what are you talking about? Brady is just that damn good. You make it as if the NFL only makes money from Brady. The NFL was making money before Brady and they sure will keep making money after he retires. And if this pandemic has lowered your interest in sports, well sorry to hear that. The only thing I don't like that's going on is all the woke identity politics they've injected into sports, other than that I still watch for the entertainment.

      3. lesmo whomever

        @P Monk I love football and played a lot of sandlot as a kid. I've been watching for years and can watch a good high school game. The NFL has lived off the Brady GOAT myth for years; smart business. Plus the pandemic has lowered my interest in all sports.

      4. P Monk

        @lesmo whomever what’s your point, if football isn’t your cup of tea, then simply don’t watch it.

      5. lesmo whomever

        @P Monk I don't bet on sports. I once went to a race track, won 7 out of ten races and came home broke. Odds my man.

    95. Jalen

      The bucs just beat chiefs in the super bowl

    96. Donya Archer


    97. Kokain Floxks

      Lmaooo Tampa defense took that flip bu Tyreek personal in the SB last night 😭

    98. Supa305 1

      Whose here after the super bowl?

    99. Caleb Martinez

      Mahomes better than Brady. Forget the Super Bowl, it’s the ol eye test

    100. Dimension Exo

      Buck an ear ?