Can the Bills Contain Lamar Jackson on Divisional Weekend?


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    Published on Month ago


    1. Patrick Irwin

      Yes they did 😲

    2. K Mike

      “Not sure you actually can “ ....... keep Lamar Jackson under control......... WRONG !!!!!!!

    3. David White

      This won't age well

    4. Gatore

      POV: seeing this after the bills held him to 3 points

    5. Frank Ignagni

      Look like he can actually be contained.

    6. Matthew D’Souza

      Yes... Lamar can be contained 😂

    7. Gerhard Thiel

      This didn't age well.

    8. Jose Padilla

      Told ya sooooooo 💪 gooo bills

    9. Eloise Cannon

      Lamar u are outstanding luv u from Sandra Eloise in Baltimore go Ravens go luv u all

    10. Thomas Blizzard

      Thank you nate. Lamar is like a young talented combo guard in the NBA who get 30 a night by driving and dunking. Why settle for 3 point shots? If lamar can run. Then run. Worry about all that other stuff later when you slow down. But right now, use your natural born talent.

    11. Cody Highroller

      Reminded healthy for so long? The dudes in year 3...

    12. smokinGuN25

      Nah nah nah, I'm good.

    13. Ez Go Ez Come

      This battle is going to be a good one

    14. Patrick Bevelock

      Always a Bills hater

    15. seth seth

      Code Brown can stop Lamar.

    16. Creative Homeless

      only "diarrhea " can contain this man...

    17. Elli chacon

      The ravens refuse to pass, Lamar Jackson looks like a fish out of water when passing. Bill's win this game easy, I don't really see the ravens doing much.

    18. Soa Raven52

      This ain’t playoff Lamar Jackson.. This is 🗣Super Bowl LAMAR JACKSOONN- Lassssggooo- trick daddy babby

    19. Franklin M Carvajal

      I like the hat ...I pick the Bills tho.

    20. Juan Mačiaš Jr

      Robinson... you taking soft shots at Russ! Say the mans name!

    21. Patrick Martin

      Make Lamar pass the ball and the Ravens are done. Great running back mediocre QB.

    22. Greg Terrance

      Ravens fan here... What I feel about this year's playoff picture is simple. The AFC is way too heavy to deal with. I don't care who wins and represents the NFC, I feel like KC, Buffalo and The Ravens could beat them (and Cleveland may be just as much of a threat too). I just don't believe that come Superbowl Sunday, we would actually see the two best teams, because that would most likely happen in the AFC championship, with the NFC championship just being a fight to see who would win second place.

    23. Lion Thomas

      The Ravens are the Road Warriors of the NFL, they win Superbowls like this

    24. MaddenMobile sansdm

      Lamar will be deadly this game

    25. ix Nine

      bills all the way josh can throw and run ... lamar can only run... and he shouldn't be compared to brett favre... not even close

    26. Rockzz XD

      This a band wagon fans game lol band wagon bills vs band wagon ravens

    27. Skitzlow

      To all other football fans and to the Bill's! Lamar is better than your quarterback and your running back! Facts! He's a top 5 quarterback in the league and he's a top 5 running back in the league Last week he did it again. Out played the titans quarterback and out rushed the titans running back.

    28. DADEFUYE

      Every Soccer player out there know that snow is not a problem for attacking players. its a problem for defending players.

      1. Macabree

        yup. Its defending players that is the issue and gives offense a high level advantage

    29. Leo Ferguson


    30. Thomas S

      My ravens are heavy underdogs in this one. Really hoping for the W to go the AFC championship. It’s been so long:(

      1. Thomas S

        @Renee Williams nope

      2. Renee Williams

        Not as long as it has been for Bills fans!!!

    31. DeRayne Jones

      Thats cute but can he win with his arm? No he can't!

      1. Macabree

        Nope he cannot. Only his legs and abusing RPO plays.

    32. Krkn RZR_Yusha

      Oh god pls make it snow on Saturday Pls give the Bills A WIN AMEN REPLY AMEN IF YOU WANT THE BILLS TO WIN

    33. Jose Padilla

      Y'all tripping, aint no way ravens beating the bills.

      1. Macabree

        @BaltCall 2K yeah def a chance if they cannot contain his scrambling

      2. BaltCall 2K

        They have a chance

    34. Kenny Silvera

      People keep talking Lamar our defense is healthy they gonna lock the bills up watch Allen get frustrated

    35. Trev Mac

      Black people from Florida only experience with the white snowy stuff has come from watching Home Alone on TV

      1. Jimbo 03

        white people too, and most of the surrounding states like the Carolinas and Louisiana, it’s snowed like 2 times in my life where I live and it lasted like 10 minutes both times, in sc

    36. Ryan Williams

      Its always questions about if Lamar can do this, can he do that? The man has proven himself in every facet of the game, accept it.

      1. Ryan Williams

        @Trev Mac and all of his 3 years in the NFL went to the playoffs mostly due to his talents. Hold 5 NFL records in 3 just 3 seasons. Lifetime passes rating of 120. He won his playoff game, unlike Payton Manning and others who took 5 or 6 time to win their first. He is ahead of most great NFL QBs where they were in 3 seasons by far. There is no need to question his skills anymore. Should he stay healthy, he coukd end his career in 10 seasons and hold more records than any QB.

      2. Trev Mac

        2018 - playoff loss 2019 - playoff loss 1-2 in playoffs career

    37. William Richardson

      Fire Roger Goodell and hire Colin Kapernick as it MAGA

    38. Sharon Aultman

      Good luck in stopping him

    39. Mohammad Abuali

      This will be a good game

    40. Garrison Armand

      Nah ion think nobody can contain him you can try and slow him down but you cannot stop him from running it’s D’d up

    41. Juan Espinoza

      Why does that girl keep down talking Lamar

    42. Don Rob

      The BUFFALO BILL fans PRAYS that it SNOWS..Trust me the SNOW won't STOP LAMAR... He'll put his FOOT in the GROUND and HIT the GOAL POST👍

    43. Don Rob

      He couldn't have said it any BETTER... The best ANALYST of the year of LAMAR 👍

    44. Brad Orem

      Snow would work in Lamar's favor really think about it.Dont think anyone is stopping the Ravens. Ravens vs saints in the Superbowl

    45. TrackHawk1

      Once mi get a step not a mon in this bomboclat league can run me down.

    46. Cash The Stampede

      We will see how he fairs in the snow

    47. Jay Brown

      J.K Dobbins will have a big game...140+💪🏾

    48. t.rippy pancakes

      How you stopping the ravens run game when you not even sure who’s gonna run the ball tho 😣

      1. B Healy

        Ravens couldn't handle the Bills D

    49. mrr. Rockout

      Super bowl Lamar Jackson yesssssirrrrr

    50. Zack Degnan

      Never really said how to stop Lamar😂

    51. Broncos Country

      Ravens about to get smoked

    52. Clarence Jones

      If its snowing Lamar will have troubled a game the man never played and snow

      1. sellingaj1

        its not even supposed to snow anymore check the weather goofy

    53. Ellicott Raven

      All the Bills fans talking smack here, understand Lamar Jackson is an unicorn the likes of which the NFL has never seen. He's humble, focused, otherworldly talented and sees the field ridiculously well. He is potentially the greatest offensive weapon we've seen in a very long time. No disrespect to Josh Allen, I love the kid. But, Lamar Jackson lives in the stratosphere people. He's always looking down on humans playing football and short of him, everybody on the Bills and the Ravens are just humans.

      1. Renee Williams

        Also Lamar and Josh clearly have respect for each other as players.

      2. Renee Williams

        Thats your opinion, he's not as accurate as a passer and his arm is weak in comparison to Josh. Josh could easily have 400 passing yards. So I actually think it's in terms of odds it's something like 50/50.

    54. NO NAME

      Yeah he can just ask the Titans and chargers. Force him to throw the ball and the ravens will most likely lose. Put a QB spy on him

      1. Ram Z

        Ask the titans what? They just got knocked out by the Ravens, and that long TD run they showed, the Titans had a spy.

    55. Frosted Ice Pharoah

      The Bills are about to get ran over by THE GUS BUS. And Lamar will have over 300 total yards.

      1. Ram Z

        Don't forget Dobbins bruh

    56. Hank Jr

      As a Bills fan we have our work cut out for us big time. The Ravens match up very well against us, we struggle against the run and have had trouble containing mobile QBs this season such as Murray and Wilson. I can only hope the elements here in Buffalo can play in our favor helping us contain Lamar. All I know is this is gonna be a battle and a really fun game to watch. I am definitely nervous and if you’re a Bills fan you should be as well. Fingers crossed 🤞

      1. Q_2

        all i know is that this should be a very good game either way it ends up going

    57. Theo Irving

      They stop diggs and Allen. They win.

    58. J. Col3

      All this talk about ‘containing Lamar’ ‘can they stop Lamar on the run’ I hope JK and Gus go off!!!!!

      1. Kylan McCall

        Gus bus

    59. No

      This guy has no clue what he’s talking about

    60. ] Mantis-Mike [

      Being a Louisville fan, it was absolutely baffling to see so many doubting LJ, and seeing so much shade. Like the twilight zone. We knew his freshmen year he was a unicorn.

      1. Elli chacon

        @] Mantis-Mike [ I gave examples of how an organization should develop their mobile QB's. Does Russel Wilson still use his legs? Yes.. does Patrick mahomes still use his legs? Yes. Does Josh Allen use his legs? Yes. Kyler Murray? Yes dude uses his legs. I'm in reality, I said Lamar looks he hasn't DEVELOPED MUCH OR MUCH AT ALL. This meaning, he looks and plays the same way since college, still making the same mistakes to often. If there was growth, it wasn't much. By this time in the nfl, I expected Lamar to at least be able to play like Kyler Murray. Use his legs but be smart, this dude is supposedly the franchise right? Like I said, you're the kind of fan that only thinks about the short term and that's it. Who cares what long term affects it has on him, just run him until hes legs give out. Then when that happens, hes gonna be forced to be more of a passer and its gonna be cam newton 2.0. Let this guy pass more and maybe they actually win the division.. If Lamar was even half as good as Kyler Murray passing the ball, the ravens would be a legit threat to Kansas city. Fact of the matter is, the ravens are a team that will always underperform if they choose to keep this style of play with their QB. I was expecting this team to win the division and be a 1st or 2nd seed but look where they are. Barely beating the titans. Cool he rushed for over 100 and a td. Dude also threw for 179 and an interception. Ryan Tanehill was passing the ball around pretty nicely and kept them in it. The minute the ravens are down on the score board, it's almost game over every time.

      2. ] Mantis-Mike [

        @Elli chacon Yes, you are lol. Saying he hadn't developed at all, didn't deserve the unanimous MVP despite the fact he ran away with it from game 1, and can't make the passes. Perhaps it's you that needs to reread your comment and come back down to Reality. Your position is completely laughable thinking The Ravens shouldn't use his God given running ability along with spreading the ball around.

      3. Elli chacon

        @] Mantis-Mike [ Am I hating on him? Read my comment a little harder and use your brain. Hes limited and being held back by his own team. This Ravens team can plug in rg3 and it wouldn't change much because Baltimore doesnt care about the pass game. Look at what Seattle did with Russell Wilson, look what Kansas city did with Patrick Mahomes. They still use their legs but not as much and use them smarter to have long successful careers. The way the ravens have Lamar playing, it's like hes still at Louisville. All fans like you care about is the short term and thats ok I guess. It pisses me off that the ravens REFUSE to even let this man pass. He threw the ball in college a lot and showed a lot of potential in that area. If anything, I feel like hes digressed in the pass game. So please, if you're gonna call me a hater, have proof. Edit: let me ask you this. How much more different would the ravens have looked with rg3? I bet the ravens still make the playoffs. Lamar is what he is, an athlete who is well overhyped and idk how people cant deny that. The ravens dont NEED Lamar Jackson.

      4. ] Mantis-Mike [

        @Elli chacon 😂😂😂 You haters sound so stupid trying to come up with things to bash him about. Check out who had the most passing TD's last year. And while you're there, check out those rushing yards dipshit. Didn't deserve the MVP lollllllll

      5. Elli chacon

        But he hasn't even developed much, if not any at all. He isn't accurate down the field, short to mid field hes average. It baffles me this man even won the mvp unanimously. By the time his legs go, he'll be out the league. Dude has potential to be out of this world but the ravens dont see it like that.


      RAVENS over the BILLS.

    62. Logan Stolberg

      I think the Bills can contain Lamar but they can’t fully stop him.

      1. V for Wombat

        i think they will be able to contain him to the length of the field.

    63. jorge romero

      that in 2019 with are better team 2020 in 2021

    64. Damon Banks

      Baltimore 31 buffalo 20

    65. Kyle

      He will be slowed down by the snow and cold in orchard park saturday night.. Go bills

      1. sellingaj1

        its not even supposed to snow anymore check the weather goofy


        Lamars plays in the cold all the time but not snow

    66. prison Mike

      You can like this comment only if you know who I am

    67. Mont Miliner

      Lamar going go crazy bro I am telling u

      1. Mont Miliner

        @HAVANA SCP it cool we getting next year but u seen this brown game

      2. HAVANA SCP

        He did. He went crazy when bills defense we crushed him 😁

      3. DC

        Barry Sanders crazy!

      4. Mediocre Cousins

        I feel that energy too, his ego is top notch right now

    68. Paul d

      Buffalo is going to throw up over 30 points so Lamar can Run for 300 yards. still going to lose

      1. Rodtinay Smith

        They not putting up 30 on that ravens defense you must think Josh Allen is Patrick mahomes. They didn't even put up 30 on the colts and the ravens have a better defense. 2nd ranked defense in football behind the rams. Held the 3rd ranked offense in football (Tennessee) to 13 points and 209 total yards..........209 total......let that sink in

    69. Mike Miller

      Yeah they can focus on him running it and make him throw more than running . Moderate his biggest strength

    70. Stephen Irons

      Ravens are not even that good.

      1. Frosted Ice Pharoah

        Oh how naive you are.

    71. Luis Pastor

      Just make him play qb and he will be contain

    72. Vincent Vaughan

      lamar can rush down any defense and has a good throw. he is a fast runner.

    73. T K


      1. Renee Williams

        Is that how he won the AFC EAST and has been in MVP conversations all year. Lamar just won his first playoff game Josh also just won his first playoff game. Lamar is worse at being a passer than Josh is at being a runner. I respect QBs other than the one on my team. You should try it. I think it's pretty much 50/50 on this one.

    74. David 2099

      He's one good hit away from being RG3

    75. babasnaners _

      Go Ravens

    76. Steven Boldt

      Praying to the snow Gods on Saturday in Buffalo...

    77. Ryder Iantorno

      This game is gonna be a shootout 💯

    78. Tony Wong

      Can the Ravens contain Josh Allen? That should be the headline.

      1. EJ Williams

        @Youknwmike what happened to that “2nD bEsT dEfEnCe In ThE lEaGuE”🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      2. Ram Z

        @EJ Williams poorly just like we did for a couple weeks after, you really going to focus on the few weeks of the season we were having injury and covid issues. Not as difficult for the Pats when Calais Campbell, Jimmy Smith etc are out. We lost to the Titans during that time too and look what happened.

      3. EJ Williams

        @Ram Z how did the ravens do when they played the patriots🤔🤨🥱

      4. Ram Z

        @EJ Williams How'd they do this season when they played the Titans?

      5. EJ Williams

        @Youknwmike you do know bills have been destroying multiple top 10 defenses this szn right

    79. Marco Ortega

      Chargers Did

    80. Darnell Dallas

      yall are are forgetting the bills shut him down last year

      1. Micah Matthews

        He had 3 TD passes against them but okaii

    81. Eli Andrade

      nobody can😈

    82. The Chief

      Ravens win this game.

    83. Adad Reznor

      Lamar can't win a game with His arm The same things that Titans did, the same Will do the bills

      1. Adad Reznor

        @Phillip Dow NFL logic doesn't work dumb

      2. Adad Reznor

        @Phillip Dow nah, ur a clown

      3. Phillip Dow

        @Adad Reznor Bills fittin' to lose worse than the Titans. Ravens 38, Bills 24.

      4. Adad Reznor

        @Ram Z not really, Bills doesn't have a RB like Henry

      5. jay f

        and i don't mean similar styles of offense i'm talking stats

    84. Vico Villa

      I reckon Bills will win this one..

    85. Amadou Maiga

      No! Simple

    86. Pedro Casique

      Lleeeeeeesss or cooooorssss douuuuuuuuu! Billls gona quic dat beeerdds assss!

    87. Matthew Holland

      Love how they just ignore the fact our defence held him to 180 total yards last year 40 rush 140 passing. Still think Lamar is great and that the game could go either way

      1. Matthew Holland

        @Devante Jones yeah Lamar is deadly not arguing that but one of them was a 75 yard bomb to andrews

      2. Devante Jones

        But he had 3 passing touchdowns. That is what makes Lamar deadly

    88. RTP GUNNER

      Josh will drop 350-400 yds and 4 tds.... Good luck keepin up lamar.... #bills mafia!

      1. B Healy

        @Frosted Ice Pharoah I'm sorry, which QB was getting wrecked?

      2. Frosted Ice Pharoah

        That SUPER BOWL DEFENSE held one of the NFL’s most explosive offenses to THIRTEEN POINTS. Allen is a beast, but he will get wrecked.

      3. jay f

        @B Healy i never replied to the original comment. yours said, "lamar had his worst game of the season." he still won that game. literally every other thing you're saying is irrelevant because all i'm saying is he won the game

      4. B Healy

        @jay f The comment was that JA looked like a 3 string QB and my response was Jackson had his worst game of the season when they played the Bills. The Bills offense last year avg 19 points/game. This year its 40. The Ravens have yet to prove that they can stop an elite passing offense while the Bills are 7-0 against top 10 defenses. You put up 20 points against the 28th ranked defense in the league and the only reason the Titans beat the Bills was because our entire defensive secondary was hurt at the time and JA had a separated shoulder. The Bills are a high scoring offense. JA moved the ball at will against the Rams, where does their defense stack up? Yall got 1 weapon, Jackson. The Bills have JA and his entire receiving core.

      5. jay f

        @B Healy bills have one of the worst rush defenses and were the #1 rushing offense 🤦‍♂️

    89. Chris Delagarza

      We don’t have to contain him we just got to slow them down a little bit that’s all.

      1. Kings

        That make no sense lmafao

      2. Josephus Hinneh

        Containing is the same as slowing down

    90. BUCS FAN

      Both fast qb

    91. GGG Investor

      I say 2rushing TDS by Lamar. MVP ez

    92. Giorgio Gazzola

      Most likely Jackson will have a huge game on the ground, but it really doesn't matter as long as Allen can bomb the hell out of the Ravens defense. If the Bills offense is on that day, they can definitely outscore the Ravens. That's a big if though. As a Bills fan I'm 50/50 about this game and I don't feel particularly confident. Cheers 🍺

      1. Zach Havlovick

        I'm a ravens fan, I feel the same way. I'm super nervous for my team

    93. Arthur Au

      I love the disrespect these analysts have against Buffalo, as it'll make their potential win over the ravens that much sweeter and better. Never count out the bills. I bet these analysts gave the Browns no chance against the Steelers in the Wild Card round and look what happened. Analysts are compete fools and clowns are biased towards their favorite teams and players.

      1. Jazzy Jay Jay

        @Renee Williams that weak ass div 🤣🤣 that ain’t none ... AFC LEAST is officially 2nd worst division in football

      2. Renee Williams

        @Jazzy Jay Jay is that why the Bills swept their division?

      3. V for Wombat

        "I love the disrespect these analysts have against Buffalo, a" all of them? most of the ones I've seen think the Bills will win. it's easy to pick one or the other, Allen is great passing and can run, Lamar is a great runner and very good passing. Lamar has more wins overall, but has been having difficulties this year and against great teams. the Ravens beat the Bills last year. but they've lost several key players. seems like a tossup to me. it'll come down to intangibles.

      4. Faint Daze

        @Jazzy Jay Jay bills top 5 wdym *know *bills and those last year words make no sense.

      5. Jazzy Jay Jay

        Cuz they kniw the bulls aren’t all that.

    94. Arthur Au

      Imagine the Bills do win and pull off the upset over the Ravens on Saturday, that will be so funny as it will make every one of these so called analysts and experts look like complete fools and clowns come Monday morning.

      1. Kisuke Kablaze

        @Arthur Au now youre just trolling everyone has been sating that Josh Allen has been playing MVP level this season which he no doubt has and most people are picking the bills to win just watch the NFL preview

      2. Arthur Au

        @Kings Everyone is favoring the Ravens and their so called invincible running game and their invincible QB Lamar. Not once have I heard the media praise the Bills and their QB Josh Allen in any way. Media treating the Bills like they are a garbage team.

      3. Kings

        @Arthur Au bro everyone is favoring the bills 🤦🏽‍♂️

      4. Frosted Ice Pharoah

        @Arthur Au 7 out of 10 picked the Bills in the NFL preview.

      5. Gautham D

        Arthur Au No, it is based on the betting odds

    95. Aaron Lam

      This is gonna be a shootout

    96. Arthur Au

      $100 BILLION bet on a Ravens win on Saturday. The Baltimore Ravens is going to make me an instant BILLIONAIRE on Saturday after their easy win over the Bills in primetime on NBC.

    97. Yuri Boris

      Blah blah blah Lamar Blah blah blah Lamar. Talk is cheap go get them Bills

      1. Yuri Boris

        @Jazzy Jay Jay make that 1-1

      2. Jazzy Jay Jay

        If you think bout last years game it was even that close .

      3. Jazzy Jay Jay

        Y’all sure do talk alottta mess. For a team that is 0-1 vs Lamar

    98. Cole The legend

      No they can’t #MVP

      1. Cole The legend

        For the last few games he is mvp

      2. Faint Daze

        We gonna win and he ain’t mvp LOL (did u mean last year)

    99. Luis Bardock

      Can they stop Lamar running isnt the issue. They just have to stop his throwing, which not difficult lol. When they stop his throwing, he'll be forced to run like always and they'll eventually see threw his fakes. Plus....snow lol. Its just not looking good for the ravens

      1. Tavon D. Bouldin J.r _

        @Last Time like I said before he does need improvement but he is not a bad thrower of the football and he is consistent when it counts. So do yourself a favor study more about football and stop hating on one individual.

      2. Tavon D. Bouldin J.r _

        @Last Time

      3. Tavon D. Bouldin J.r _

        @Last Time Cause your arguments are repetitive like I said the first time. You sound exactly like those “analysts” you have no argument honestly you just say he can’t throw and make smaller points that prove nothing cause he’s already proved majority wrong 😂.

      4. Tavon D. Bouldin J.r _

        @Last Time what insult?

      5. Last Time

        @Tavon D. Bouldin J.r _ 😂😫 Lmfao you started the insults. Cant handle facts? Your a sad little boy.🐀. You haven’t countered any of my arguments

    100. Vincent Delgado

      Straw. Hat. Luffy. There I said it

      1. WEAD 44

        O I thought u were saying Lamar Jackson reminds you of Straw Hat Luffy. Now I see u may have just been talking about the hat. Either way 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

      2. WEAD 44

        O my god......O MY GOD!!!!!!