Say Their Stories: Emmett Till as Told by DK Metcalf


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    Exactly eight years before Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his 'I Have a Dream' speech, Emmett Till was brutally murdered in Mississippi. Till's death helped ignite the Civil Rights Movement and still, 65 years later, resonates with so many today.

    Seahawks WR DK Metcalf honors the life and impact of Emmett Till. #SayTheirStories
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    Published on Month ago


    1. Director of the Notification Squad

      I learned this from Dave Chappelle

    2. kj2k


    3. Mr. Robot

    4. Mr Bailong

    5. I'm Justice

      So inspirational

    6. Ace Pope gaming


    7. Da.Real.O.G

      For those who think all this stuff is ancient history and doesn't apply to today's society: Carolyn Bryant (The lady who falsely accused Till) is still alive to this day.

    8. Osobeautiful

      His “girlfriend” is not black and given the story of what happened the a young black child who was murdered and the person talking about it, people should look at the source before thinking anything. The messenger is just as important as the message

      1. Ahmari

        I see you did your research too 💯

      2. TB Wms

        Because of everything that's going on in our country today, black men and black women also will probably re-think some of their decisions when it comes to dating, especially if you live in the south. I'm not saying you can't fall in love with a white person, and if you do and it's the real thing, that's wonderful. But when you truly understand African American history and what we have been through as a people, I don't believe a white person will be your first choice.

    9. Osobeautiful

      His “girlfriend” is white. People should look at the source before thinking anything. The messenger is just as important as the message

    10. XSet Money

      They shot him beat him hung threw him in fire just for whistle at a white women then she got her brother’s and kilt him at night when they broke in at his cousin house while everybody was sleeping

    11. A W

      i cried

    12. Thomas Drozd

      ALM ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

    13. Robin Willis

      We will never forget :) Rest in Glory Emmett Till

    14. Mr Calvooo

    15. zunefsu ok

      Why Why Why wont this stop

    16. kdababy


    17. Japanese ball

      Rip emmet till He whistled at a girl and got beaten up for no reason. Let emmet till know this "Black people are people and don't do anything like that you rest in are hearts"

    18. Rohan ross

      If you disliked the video you're just straight up a bad person

    19. Ferdysfrn

      even if u don’t agree with blm you gotta admit what they did to emmett till was fd up

      1. TB Wms

        Who wouldn't agree with the phrase "black lives matter"!? Only those that don't want the black race to be treated fairly. Because of what we've been through as a people from slavery to Jim Crow and afterwards, a lot of people thought and unfortunately some still think that black lives don't matter. We need to shout it from the rooftops if needed that "BLACKS LIVES MATTER".

    20. Juan Montague

      What song is that, when it goes “a long way from home”?

    21. Marcello Dispensa ( Student )

      I hope Emmett Tills at least happy right now out in heaven Rest In Peace Emmitt Till

    22. Trina Miller

      Gemini Man thanks for sharing that I was going to say the same thing. The fact need to be known he didn't do not a damn thing

    23. Lucas Herfurth

      This makes me cry 😭😭😭😭

    24. April Banks

      Wow. Great video.

    25. Jay Jay

      Emmit Till didn't whistle at nobody ain't tht btch came out n said he didn't smfh Long live Emmit Till gone but never forgotten

      1. TB Wms

        Emmett wolf-whistled at Carolyn Bryant; his cousins witnessed it. The lie Carolyn told in court was that Emmett grabbed her around her waist and made other advances towards her. However, it certainly didn't justify his death, not to mention the cruelty perpetrated against him.

    26. elijah batazhan

      come on now y'all racist people wtf color don't matter everyone is equal.

      1. Malachi Wesley

        I’m confused are you saying this to the people in the comments who are saying it’s about color or are you saying this to the people who are racist?

    27. Cam Fleming

      That was a terrible time rip Emmett

    28. Ewan Gent

      RIP Emmett Till. It's been difficult watching the NFL this year with politics, massive respect to DK for remembering a man who's brutalisation was nothing but pure evil.

    29. Nohe Rico

      So Sad 😔🤧

    30. Joshua Mcclelland

      I love how they make it seem like nothing has changed in the last 50 years. Like what happed in the summer of 20 has anything too do with what happens too emitt till. I also love how that nfl player said that growing up in ms he was surrounded by racist but never had any done too him but... he knows it’s out there. Smh.

    31. flyazzplayboy

      I just seen this during a video I was watching, I can't respect ANY PARENT who's not willing to die after such a horrible crime happened to their child. That BS this woman spoke at the beginning of the video pissed me off almost as much as the crime.. Only person going out like a hero would be me! Not my child, Emmitt was a victim of predators looking for ego food concerning a defenseless teenager.

      1. TB Wms

        @flyazzplayboy- Then please do some research on the Jim Crow era.

      2. flyazzplayboy

        @TB Wms I more than understand and still feel how I feel as a parent.

      3. TB Wms

        I'm not sure if you understand the story of Emmett Till. Please do some research and then make a comment. There are several videos on USfilm that give a full account of what happened.

    32. Samuel Berhanu

      Even if you don’t support blm, there is no way you can get mad at someone telling the story of Emmett Till

    33. Yuva The Beast

      R.I.P Ngl I didn’t know who he was before this so thanks DK

    34. Carmen Alexis

      Y’all need to edit this video because the old hag came out later on her death bed and said HE DIDN’T whistle at her bony tail 🙄🙄🙄 LIARS!!!

      1. TB Wms

        @Carmen Alexis- His cousins that were there said that Emmett wolf-whistled at Carolyn Bryant. They all agreed that he whistled. The lie Carolyn is admitting to now is what she said in court that Emmett grabbed her around her waist and made other advances towards her. Either way, there's no justification for the brutal and violent beating that Emmett endured. There are a number of videos on USfilm that provide a lot of information regarding Emmett and what happened to him while visiting in Mississippi.

      2. Carmen Alexis

        @TB Wms I have. And she came out in the 2010s saying she fabricated the story. They should say in this video he “allegedly whistled” at her. Bc it’s not fact that he actually did. But y’all have a narrative and wanna stick to it.

      3. TB Wms

        Please do more research.

    35. giftnash

      True story I learned 15 years ago at a family reunion tht Emmett Till is my cousin one my Pops side. Its amazing what you learn listening and talkin to elderly people

      1. giftnash

        @Maurice Malone small world bro

      2. Maurice Malone

        He’s family on my moms side 💪🏾

    36. Dae R

      It’s 2021 “ for whistling at a white woman” should be followed by “who years later said she lied on him “💡it gives a different view than the tainted version

      1. TB Wms

        @Dae R-You're right. In court, Carolyn Bryant said that Emmett grabbed her around her waist and made other advances towards her. It's my understanding that the judge threw her testimony out because it didn't sound realistic. It really didn't matter though because everyone already knew the jury wasn't going to convict; even the jury knew it.

      2. Dae R

        @TB Wms back then public schools never added that she lied. They made it seem as if he whistled at a white women and was killed for that 💡

      3. TB Wms

        She did lie, but not about the whistling. His cousins witnessed him whistling. Please research further.

    37. the tf

      Finally someone who wasn’t an idiot or a straight up criminal being recognized Thank you for honoring him

      1. TB Wms

        Racism was rampant during Jim Crow and unfortunately to some degree today. Many blacks were killed for doing nothing. Emment was known because his mother wanted everyone to know what they had done to her child. She had his body shipped back to Chicago. There's no way Mamie, Emmett's mother. would have gotten the press or attention if he had lived in the south. Many blacks in the south suffered a similar fate, but you didn't hear about them, certainly not during that time. Some of the stories were revealed later. And then some people we will never know what happened to them because they just came up missing never to be heard of again.

      2. the tf

        @Malachi Wesley George Floyd was on drugs the entire time and was arrested multiple times because of it

      3. Malachi Wesley

        Well George Floyd, Orlando Castile, and Eric Garner aren’t idiots and criminals

    38. Jay and Serenity

      Black lives matter rip emmet till

    39. Jerell Lewis

      My respect to DK BLM Rip Emmet till

    40. Colleen

      omg his poor mother i can't imagine

    41. Dontavious Naccarato

      I can’t believe how people are saying “oh that’s along time ago so we shouldn’t worry about that”, DK is saying how someone’s kid was murderd for the color of his skin. DK wears that name to respect him and his family. DK plays to respect Emmett. Grow up and see how people respect one another. If you don’t like what I said you are apart of the problen

      1. Dontavious Naccarato

        @Traveling Man how, by a group of people who where cops nor judges, the only people who are aloud to choose someone’s fate, a civilian doesn’t have that right, and it was shown that he was murderd, and there is no law that whistling is wrong, but slander is illegal so technically that women should have gotten punished, not murdered punished.

      2. Traveling Man

        @Dontavious Naccarato The criminal wasn’t murdered! He was punished justly!

      3. Dontavious Naccarato

        @Traveling Man yeah because he was murdered even though he was innocent, and he whistled at a women, that’s not a crime, but making a false statement is it’s called slander, again a 14 knows more facts than a 30 year old

      4. Traveling Man

        @Dontavious Naccarato I bet he won't criminate again!

      5. Traveling Man

        @Dontavious Naccarato If he wasn't a hideous savage,he wouldn't have been a criminal!

    42. Blake Jackson

      Go hawks

    43. Riley Mathis

      What are we supposed to do about something that happened in 1955?

      1. Bobby Quetzalcoatl

        Would you say the same about 9/11?

      2. Riley Mathis

        @Caleb Deaver and we wernt going that direction. Its bringing up old stuff. People r different now

      3. Caleb Deaver

        Not let it happen again

    44. Andi S

      Rest in peace Emmett Till

    45. Mscar 760

      Let racists be racist. Imagine if you owned an nfl team but were so racist you only fielded black players. How successful would you be? Don’t think there is one white cornerback in the nfl. Point is being racist doesn’t pay in a free market.

      1. Telisa Hampton

        Jason sheron Dustin fox like you really don't know what the hell you be taking about

      2. Malachi Wesley

        @Mscar 760 Oh ok now I understand be safe out there brother💯

      3. Mscar 760

        @Malachi Wesley I’m not saying anyone is racist. What I am saying is let racists be racists so they loose faster and go away quicker.

      4. Malachi Wesley

        I’m confused are you saying the Nfl is racist because they don’t have white cornerbacks

    46. DSC

      Terrible tragedy, who cares if 'good' came out of it? Still trying to overcome what FDR did to the US.

    47. faiz Ali

      This is so messed go that he got murdered RIP Emmet Till his killers deserve to be arrested

    48. Aero FPV

      I grew up believing Satin was colored red, I beg to differ.

    49. Quintin Tarantino

      It was disgusting how the killers said Emmett Till’s mom shouldn’t have a open casket to bring all this attention to the boy just bury him and move on

    50. ColdBlooded J

      Who is the 239 people who dislike this is sad to see someone dislike this vid

    51. Jude Victoria

      RIP Emmett. And that B*TCH admitted she lied. None of them got their punishment on earth, but they’ll get it wherever hell they’re in now.

      1. TB Wms

        The bible tells us that you reap what you sow. They did. If you do a little research you'll find out some of the things that happened to them. You see, God will do what man failed to do.

    52. Melvin Hunter

      Makes my heart sink when I see his after BLM ✊

    53. lPolitically_Fye

      Emmett Till

    54. Peter Clark

      When you identify the cause of all such hatred - religion - you might be making progress. Reality says life is an opportunity for some chemicals to be organised into a single, temporary organism. With that in mind who's got time for hate and violence? At the end your chemicals 'become differently organised'. That is all there is to life. Make stuff, make stuff work, make happy, make beauty and don't make babies unless the plan is to make them the finest human possible. The single thing any bible could get right is that we have to rise above nature, to command it, to use it to our advantage. Which is what the fully-enabled will do, if we have the time.

    55. Rakesh Yadav

      0:95 I quit my work with the help of 𝐠 𝐫 𝐞 𝐚 𝐭 𝐞 𝐚 𝐬 𝐲 𝐩 𝐚 𝐲 . 𝐜𝐨 𝐦 #blessed 1:61

    56. Evan Alvarez

      1:75 I quit my 9-5 with the help of 𝐠 𝐫 𝐞 𝐚 𝐭 𝐞 𝐚 𝐬 𝐲 𝐩 𝐚 𝐲 . 𝐜 𝐨 𝐦 #amazing 1:65

    57. jetski1453

      This story always sat with me and always chokes me up and there’s very few that do that. We’ve come a long way since the 50’s but we are also a long way from being the best we can be.

    58. Philyyy 26

      Rest easy Emmett. I’m not black so I dont understand having to go through this but I fully support Blm and we need to change.

    59. Pleetypus

      1:12 To all you people who don't believe in this type of stuff it's ok not to have experienced it but don't say it doesn't happen

      1. Malachi Wesley

        @the tf That doesn’t make any sense how is it disrespectful towards people who fight for our freedom it has nothing to do with it

      2. the tf

        It don’t happen today* No one ever said it never happened, but to blame all your issues on race now a days is sickening and disrespectful towards people that fought for your freedom today

      3. Nimfa McDonald

        No one says it doesn't happen. It's nauseating.

    60. Chris Cus14

      The only person on this list of say their name that I've seen that is actually a story worth telling. Every other one I've seen was some criminal that is put on a pedestal for some stupid reason.

      1. TB Wms

        Emmett was accused of basically disrespecting a white woman. During that time, many whites in the south thought he got what he deserved. It was decades later before they saw things differently. Then and now, blacks were/are often seen in a certain light and treated "less than" because of it. The benefit of the doubt is always given to the people in power (the police). When you understand the history of policing, you'll understand how some men can have a gun and don't get killed, and others can have no gun and be killed. All police are not good or bad. We certainly hope there are a lot more good or fair ones, but there is a bias out there that's damaging to certain individuals and ultimately society as a whole. This needs to change!

    61. Zach Gizzi

      He was already my fav player but now not even close! 🏈

    62. Noah Bell

      I hope they do one on the guy who was just murdered in Philly

    63. Highlight Empire

      I'm latino and have black friends and I've been mistreated by some of their family and friends many times. One of my best friends was told to stay away from me because "that esse don't feel you like I can bruh." Yeah there's definitely a lot of discrimination not just black and white.

    64. skinny

      I had to pause the video the first .10sec I heard this story so many time and everytime I cry. Rest in Peace

    65. Finn Minas

      this video is so inspiring.

    66. RJ G

      I'm so sick of white people in Walmart🤦🏿‍♂️ Trump got these people bold az hll deez days. N y they didn't mention her admission to lying? 🤷🏿‍♂️

    67. lorine smith

      1:94 I stopped my 9-5 thanks to 𝗴𝗿𝗲𝗮𝘁𝗲𝗮𝘀𝘆𝗽𝗮𝘆 .𝗰 𝗼𝗺 #blessed 1:74

    68. The Little Blerdmaid

      If you're going to have a campaign titled "Say Their Stories", to administer some sort of damage control after *years* of letting us know where you really stand, you could *at least* "say their stories" correctly. Emmett Till was murdered over a white woman's LIE.

    69. Stunna 4 Philly

      He married a white woman this dont mean nothing to me been lost respect for this fake dude

    70. Aspect

      These haters need to stop disliking what's true because it's sad people would rather pay for a lie but can't expect the truth for free. It's sad how this world is but some won't admit it until it happens to them and blames it on someone else. This world is ending.

    71. AB SAV

      Why am I seeing jalen Ramsey son there

      1. Telisa Hampton

        In other videos you can joke but this video emotional not the to joke about hope you understand 😤🤝😒

      2. Jacob I

        this isn't the video to do this man

    72. scuff

      rip Emmett Till. also why does dk look older in this video.

    73. M. D.

      Come out and show yourselfs - SUCKERS! I mean you guys with 'Thumbs down' reaction on this heartbreaking true story, about what should be history forever but with guys like you keeps going. But be aware that we are aware!

    74. James Sittnick

      Thank you sir.

    75. Roosevelt Winters

      The lady said he didnt whistle at her and she made it up

    76. Malachi steward

      Emmet till rip blm

    77. Eric Cartman

      RIP Emmett

    78. LaKendrick McCullough

      Y does this have thumbs down... Do ppl really hate cause the NFL supports this. Smh

    79. M smith

      Wokeness is having trouble finding modern racism stories so they are going back decades.....hopefully a white police officer will shoot another armed suspect so the media can exploit that instead. Meanwhile 10 people killed in Chicago over a week and a half.

      1. M smith

        @half video I guess you haven't heard racist remarks come from MOST people. "People of Color" especially. Time for us to stop being snowflakes.

      2. half video

        riley cooper hall of fame campaign rise up

      3. o laul

        Please just stop with this nonesense, you dont even have respect for the dead

    80. Real Abraham

      for the first time im not seeing that many racist comments

      1. Real Abraham

        @faiz Ali go buckeyes

      2. faiz Ali


    81. Treezy TRE


    82. R3CKO


    83. Gonzalo Manriquez

      We were just telling my son about Emmett Till yesterday.

    84. Britt Brat

      Rest In Peace prince

    85. messiboy- matias

      Rest In Peace Emmett till

    86. Thy OwnShadow

      Dk and Rob Dobbins anyone???

    87. Paul Mcgee


    88. kvngirvng

      Keep doing this never forget

    89. Sham God

      The straight bay preauricularly pull because sponge topologically soothe beyond a young wheel. unable, abounding belief

    90. Blair Penny

      Moral of the story is you can't trust women's accusations without evidence unlike the left wants us to beleive them all now no matter what

    91. Jaylin Cobb

      Rip Emmet Till

    92. Some Guy

      Why are there 200 dislikes on this? Yall still believe in racism?

      1. the tf

        @Samuel Berhanu not this particular video, but what the nfl has been included in as a whole. They’re mad at the entire idea of getting involved with controversial movements such as blm

      2. Samuel Berhanu

        @the tf since when has honoring an innocent 14 year old boy who was lynched become politics

      3. the tf

        Or they just don’t want politics included in sports

    93. You got Stupider

      This hurts knowing how people are this cruel rip Emmett till

    94. Soaring Grasslands

      say their stories: cannon hinnant

      1. Samuel Berhanu

        Got justice in less than 24 hours

    95. Josh Johnson

      If your over 20 years old and still don’t understand racism started a millennia ago don’t speak to me or anyone for that matter. You honestly think Mr. Emmitt Till was the only victim to his specific demise? Dig a little deeper....what about those in the middle east who gets bolder stones stacked on them until they pop like a balloon? Or in Africa where you get chopped up and eaten by the whole village. Or in Europe where you get hanged and burned for your crimes? This world wide punishment has been adapted millions of years ago and wont change. #realworldhistoricalfacts

    96. palepa15

      Awesome DK has done this...but this is a little token from a league that iced out a player who took a knee to highlight racial injustice/police brutality. If the NFL truly wanted to do something, then do something more meaningful that will have greater impact rather than this small ad


      That is disgraceful to put Emmet Till in the same sentence as Breonna Taylor and George Floyd. Emmet Till was 100% innocent. George Floyd and Breonna Taylor were involved in criminal activity. Did they deserve to die?.....No. Were they putting themselves in dangerous situations where loss of life was a possibility? Yes. They are completely different situations. RIP Emmet Till!

      1. DEMOLITIONZ27

        @o laul I'm not defending the officer that failed to render aid. It wasn't an issue of race it was neglect for the health of a suspect who happened to be black. I am saying that a 14 year old boy who did nothing wrong was killed. Nothing he did led to his death except being black. Real change can only be made if we find actual injustices. No false narratives just facts! By the way I understand your point of view and I hear what you are saying and I get what your saying. I agree criminal activity shouldn't warrant death does it increase the chances? Absolutely. Emmet Till was completely innocent is what I am saying, his actions didn't cause his death, his skin color very well did. I think we can both agree that the 50s were awful!

      2. o laul

        @DEMOLITIONZ27 not a completely different situation, whatever drugs he used is irrelevant, whether he fought with the cop at first is irrelevant as well, nothing of that justifies the way he got treated by the police officers who were resisting him, and not only the one who murdered him, but the ones who just stood there as well

      3. DEMOLITIONZ27

        @o laul taking a lethal dose of fentanyl is not putting yourself into a dangerous situation? Resisting arrest and fighting officers is not putting yourself into a dangerous situation? Emmet Till was accused of something he didn't do and given a death sentence for it. No drugs, fighting cops, etc. Completely different situations.

      4. DEMOLITIONZ27

        @SillyGrimReaper Exactly I said it was tragic that they died and no they didn't deserve to die. Emmet Till was a completely different situation though.

      5. kdr 97


    98. NRG ArticAlphaDog

      Daddy Dk I miss seeing him every Sunday

    99. Chinchilla hats

      14, he was just a baby. Just senseless hate. He did nothing, that women lied.

    100. Kev

      Im sure emmetts story is very known