Aaron Rodgers A.K.A. The Wizard


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    Aaron Rodgers scrambles in the end zone and manages to find Allen Lazard for 21 yards. The Los Angeles Rams take on the Green Bay Packers during the Divisional Round of the 2020 NFL postseason.
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    Published on Month ago


    1. PackerBronco

      Ramsey: Can't cover Adams, think I'll just cover their #2 receiver .. oh damn ...

    2. RJB-V

      Ramsey getting smoked on every play lmao

      1. Enrique Sandoval

        Sure buddy

    3. McMuggy

      Number 1 defense? Where

    4. EL34Glo

      That pass. I really don't think people understand how hard that is.

    5. alexander exis

      Arod at his best is better than anyone’s best at the QB position

    6. Erald Soriano

      A day has passed since this game. I still dont know how Rodgers and the O line completed that

    7. youflunkeddaycare

      I got an ad for the show “Resident Alien” on this Alien Lizard highlight 👽🦎

    8. Daniel C

      Our OLine coach is a magician. He's got Rick Wagner out there blocking Donald, he wasn't doing that with the Lions

    9. EgorchikDnepr P

      Expecto tachdown!))

    10. Thatboi Fly

      This dude's pocket presence is something special

    11. Jonathan Turek


    12. Quincy Gregory

      Jalen Ramsey Suck!! Getting burned all game long, Didn't know u was on lazard on that play lol, where yo trash talking at Boi!!! 🤣🤣🤣

    13. Lil Ruth

      This play had me scared ngl

    14. Jeremiah Marshall

      Ramsey must have been mileroy

    15. james jones

      Idc how many Superbowls he doesnt have aaron rogers is the best quarterback i have ever seen

    16. hurgh56 throwtdr56

      deleting now

    17. A J F


    18. laura baylor

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    19. Sebastian Wanglöf

      Jalen couldnt even cover this practice squad undrafted receiver😭😂

    20. Robert Pirlot

      You would have thought a "GOOD" Defense would have sacked the QB once or twice. WTF?

    21. NothinButNet

      He be like nope to the d line


      Jalen ramsey welcome to Cabo 😂 go get your t-shirt body

    23. Justin Credible

      Your a wizard Rogers..... “I’m a what?” Rogers your a wizard.

      1. António Lima


      2. Alfonso Zamora


    24. Bluepacman13

      Lazard the wizard!

    25. Dro Smith

      Next time don't let these fake ass ESPN analyst hype y'all into taking the Rams again!!! Overjoyed AARON DONALD AND RAMSEY!!! PACKERS GONE BEAT THAT ASS NEXT WEEK

    26. arizjones

      No matter what happens, the Superbowl will be an old great QB against a young gun from next generation of great QBs

    27. arizjones

      Packers offense too good, even against the highly ranked Rams defense. And even had some dropped balls that could have made it even a bigger win

    28. Woody Allen

      Lafleur: My biggest fear is that if we win super bowl then I will become a future jeopardy question no one will know the answer to. It’ll go something like this. Contestant: Aaron I’ll take “Packers Head coaches” for 200. Aaron: Ok. The answer is: “I won a super bowl by staying out of Aaron’s way”. (No response from anyone) Aaron: ooooh!!! I also forgot it was Matt LaFleur. Ouch!!!

    29. Yoshiko

      Lovely 😍💋 💝💖❤️

    30. Flymoolah man 27

      Lmao Donald better not make this a habit of getting turned off in the playoffs

    31. Boxed by Trxp

      To everyone reading this: Stay safe, and I hope you have a bright future ahead!😊

    32. Adam Commercial

      Aaron Rodgers AKA the 🐐

    33. Seven

      GOD Bless you all I just wanted to say stay blessed and encouraged and Live for your FATHER GOD And SAVIOR JESUS. THEY Love you all. Say this wholeheartedly out loud Romans 10:9-10 NLT If you openly declare that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is by believing in your heart that you are made right with God, and it is by openly declaring your faith that you are saved.

      1. Screege


    34. Kiaira Hoe

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      1. Isabella Ferrari

        The hell does this means? I an curious

    35. toomanyjohns

      A.K.A mvp

    36. Marisela Jaramillo

      Get that belt then, Rodgers! 🏈

    37. Christian Stoica

      Jalen Ramsey mad as hell

    38. Marco Amore

      Go rams

    39. Dylan Markel

      Aaron Rogers aka Overrated

    40. Manuel Gonzalez

      They’re shutting Aaron Donald down

      1. Enrique Sandoval

        He was hurt and still getting double teamed lmao

      2. Josiah March24

        Yeah he’s a little hurt too I think tho

    41. Bisher Is A qt

      why isnt ramsey on adams?????

      1. Terraun Dorman

        He is sadly he’s getting killed every snap and packs coach taking dtae out alot

    42. Geofano Rizaldi

      Ramsey got roasted 🔥

      1. Josiah March24

        Right everyone talking bout Ramsey shutting him down before now they silent 🤭🥱🤐

    43. Daylon Burks

      Nathan peterman has Taught Rodgers, Brady, manning, Brees everything they know 🐐🐐🐐🐐

      1. D ROAST

        Don't even sleep on money manzel like that 😎😎😎😎👀👀👀😳😳😳💪💪💪💪

      2. Daylon Burks

        @Trxppy Edits21 the goat 🐐

      3. Hai Oaiuy

        Hfis that usfilm.info/fire/rqmDaHOFlqWLqp0/video.html oh good


        @Francisco Leventhal Tayson Hill taught Trace McSorley

      5. Francisco Leventhal

        And who taught Nathan Peterman? Trace McSorely 😎

    44. George Hill

      damn, how many dropped INTs by rams tonight

    45. Daniel Nuteson

      A.K.A the MVP

    46. Nettie Bauch 001

      Oh yeah. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️

      1. Rash •Piggy•

        Shut up

    47. Bryanbro2414 489698

      LMAO Ik Jalen Ramsey Is mad asf rn 😭

    48. Mr. Smith

      o line: yeah all him

    49. Daniel Smith

      This game will be close

    50. Chris Garcia

      He shlides just a little bit to the right!

    51. Ol' GOAT City

      and now we got a GAME!

    52. Brendan Fenlon


    53. Teddy Craney

      jalen gettig diced

    54. GABE MOORE


    55. Diego Gianoli

      Packs are winning it all no cap

    56. Logan Funderburk

      Let’s get it Green Bay just don’t choke in the championship again

      1. Jeremiah Marshall

        Biggest goat jon jitna or nate pederman?

      2. Dro Smith

        Im a Packers fan and he's right!

      3. Josiah March24


    57. PAC

      Nathan Peterman has taught one of his many pupils well I see. This is why Nathan is and always will be the 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐.

      1. Andre Neale

        Thank you, he does not get enough credit.

    58. Felipe Marques

      ramsey burned by a 3 receiver bruh

    59. Calvin Calvin

      Packers dominating the los

    60. Chicago Bears Fan

      God’s Amazing

      1. Name Surname

        Nice joke

      2. ikr Same

        @Jacob Minor ikrusfilm.info/fire/lZSjb6GuedeoxrY/video.html

      3. Jacob Minor


    61. Simply.Gaming

      Those o lineman violating Aaron Donald

      1. Chii Ezikel

        @Running Man Aaron Donald is not 100%. But the real issue is Jared Goff and sean mcvay. Unfortunately the Rams organization awarded these two for just scoring 3 points in a superbowl that is not gonna fly in a lockeroom. Hope the Rams trade for Watson

      2. Running Man

        They are containing him very well .

    62. Lloyd Morris

      Is it just me but it's hard to get into this game

      1. Hai Oaiuy

        Ffis that usfilm.info/fire/rqmDaHOFlqWLqp0/video.html oh good

      2. ikr Same

        @Kings MVPusfilm.info/fire/lZSjb6GuedeoxrY/video.html

      3. Kings

        @Chicken BotQuack jarred goff is boring

      4. Chii Ezikel

        @Chicken BotQuack I think Jared Goff and Sean McVay finally will be held accountable we'll see how the season ticket holders in the money people react because they're going to waste this team's window

      5. Ka Kjj

        @Mahad Hassan come back when they win idiot

    63. David Alexander

      Defense are all poor actors

    64. Rash •Piggy•

      His The Best Player!!!

    65. William McIver

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      1. William McIver

        @James Black “Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” ‭‭John‬ ‭14:6‬ ‭NIV‬‬

      2. James Black

        Glory to Krishna

      3. Edward Kress


    66. knox lofstad


    67. DeFactz TV


    68. David Alexander


    69. Alberto Welch jr

      Ok so that’s cool the defense does not have to get the sack

    70. c1yro

      i hope both these teams manage to somehow both lose in this 1 game

    71. Space Ghost Skaduwee's Perspective

      Packers look tough this season. You are going to have to bring 5 defensive players or something. He's so accurate with the ball that you can't give a machine like that time to process.

    72. DeFactz TV

      Go green bay

    73. Rt Th

      Rodgers doesn't look Rusty.

    74. Lisa Lukens

      What is this title lol

    75. Master Flyer

      Rigged to the MAX!!!! For that maximum STATE FARM bowl 😂😂😂

    76. Jagxile

      The O Linemen is popping off damn.

      1. Hai Oaiuy

        Gfis that usfilm.info/fire/rqmDaHOFlqWLqp0/video.html oh good

      2. Josiah March24

        Yeah props to them they deserve major respect

      3. MEX45


    77. Ricky Riederer

      Talk about holding

      1. sam bunk

        how tf?

    78. Sckrt Sckrt

      On Ramsey too 🤯

    79. James Zinda

      GO PACK GO

    80. hdsjkfs afdgsbh


      1. Hai Oaiuy

        Gfis that usfilm.info/fire/rqmDaHOFlqWLqp0/video.html oh good

    81. Zachboiii Gaming

      Hi NFL I’m 5th here!!

      1. Ollin Adventures

        @sam bunk just mind your own goddanm business, he wasn't talking to you in the first place

      2. Zachboiii Gaming

        @sam bunk did I ask

      3. sam bunk

        jesus christ stfu nobody cares

    82. YouTube _ Delta01


    83. xpto41

      Aaron Potter

      1. Harrison the BUNNY 2


      2. D ROAST

        Who's voldemort? 👀

      3. Zachary Benintende

        I laughed way too hard at this 💀💀

      4. Nikosis


      5. ikr Same

        @Marisela Jaramillo lolusfilm.info/fire/lZSjb6GuedeoxrY/video.html


      Aaron Rodgers will take the pack to the super bowl!



      2. Master Flyer

        @Austin Davis YES. With the word “Rigged” written all over the sheep 😂


        @THE GOAT GAMER Yes!


        @THE CANADIAN NATIONAL TRAINTUBER FAN 8830 devote adams carry’s the packers


        @THE CANADIAN NATIONAL TRAINTUBER FAN 8830 fax lmao 😂 hahaha 🤣

    85. Obi Toppin


    86. Gerson Crispin