2016 NFC Divisional FULL Game: Green Bay Packers vs. Dallas Cowboys


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    00:00 - Start
    30:49 - 2nd Quarter
    1:14:34 - 3rd Quarter
    1:36:56 - 4th Quarter

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    Published on 11 months ago


    1. Dak Prescott is my Homie

      For some reason I thought this was the Dez catch no catch game

    2. Keanu Chungus

      Micah Hyde on the Packers and Cole Beasley on the cowboys are now both Buffalo Bills. Pretty cool!

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    5. Rob S

      Refs were the real MVPs of this game.

    6. jrad410

      I wonder how a Cowboys Falcons game would’ve played out that season

    7. Jokers Wild

      Doug free looks like thrash in this game

    8. Vivian Lopez

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    9. Jokers Wild

      Darn morris Claiborne sucked

    10. danimal4202danimal

      Anyone know where to find the Cowboys radio announcers call of the Cook catch?

    11. JJ

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    12. Paul Cimijotti

      Jesus Christ loves you and He died for you!!

    13. Nate Levinson

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    14. Dai’Mond Harvey

      1:17:26 thumbnail

    15. Jabari McBride

      We been trying to beat GB Packers since the Ice Bowl wen they won the SB

    16. Hannah Logarski

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    18. Richard Gregory

      Dallas needs this Zeke again

    19. Billy Agpalo

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    23. Jones LP

      watch that to see real emotions on that 3&20 in 4th: usfilm.info/fire/fbabZ4qriLloxLI/video.html

    24. jps101574

      Nothing but solid commercials. Completely unacceptable!

    25. Lamajay Williams

      Aaron rodgers 2022 super bowl mvp

    26. Scotty Jason

      The Packers won and both teams still watched the super bowl that year from the couch go figure

    27. Cal Amari

      I watched this whole game to see one throw

    28. Elevator Gaming

      We should’ve won this game because we were the one seed. We were a favorite to reach the Super Bowl.

    29. Bingo Bango Bongo

      bothers me why the cowboys didn’t run the ball at 2:11:34 , you have ezekiel elliot and a timeout and you don’t run for it?

    30. hiebsch21

      This game happened in 2017 tho am I right??

    31. Vinson Dong

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    32. piijay14

      Dallas lost this game on those very first 2 drives: The Butler Penalty and the 12men took at least 6 points off the board!!

    33. Ethan Irwin

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      1. Justin Turley


    34. kamatis man

      Aaron rodgers made the cowboys look stupid

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    37. Delores Comstock


    38. Maybe Killow

      *sad cowboys fans noises*

    39. ClownDaShooter __

      Seen this at buffalo wild wings only 1 other green bay fan beside myself lol great feeling to go crazy wit just that one other fan lol

    40. Shawn Mcginnity

      Hopefully in 2021 packers win Super Bowl

      1. Chaotic Blaze


    41. marcus edwards

      Accident accident waiting to happen 😂😂😂mwah how bout dem cowboys

    42. Biff Mcspandex

      No disrespect to any cowboys fans but the eagles being in a similar position the next year and actually winning was real satisfying

    43. bwnri xasrt

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    44. Женя Пеня

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    45. New Era Horns

      I just wish the cowboys could actually win an important game

    46. Ca Perry

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    47. Богдан Благовирний

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    48. ThreePhaseHigh

      Cook was just to good so Mike get rid of him.🥴

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    52. boo pah

      Wudya know?..McCarthy can win in Dallas.

    53. Young Advocates

      Shameful memories thank you so much.... DO y'all think Dez would be a good fit back in Dallas ppl???

    54. Jimmy Harris

      God this was so painful to watch being a cowboys fan. Great game but that last play is torture everytime i watch it.

    55. Cedi Santo

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    57. empier79

      Rodgers is the GOAT

    58. Matt Youngman

      it was un

    59. PackerBronco

      The fans own the Packers but Rodgers owns the Cowboys.

    60. Walter Moore

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    61. Gorga

      Yay good refs

    62. 09jetta

      That throw by Rogers should go to Canton!

    63. Peace Maker

      The refs look deep in the rule books when Brady or Rodgers is playing. Unsportsmanlike for entering the huddle and then leaving?? Must be a thing about getting plays in but why should that be made difficult.

    64. Manuel Andrade

      How did cowboys make it to play offs they shoulda stay home.

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    67. Frank Smith

      Think show was on NBC LX channel 9:00pm and 9:20pm Sat. Jan 2021

    68. Frank Smith


    69. Frank Smith

      Black NOAH. Thank you blessing and Happy New Year's. To U taking care of animals

    70. Frank Smith

      LX show talking about evil now on TV NBC LX.

    71. Pixelated Channel

      Came here since the LAR/SEA game reminded me of this.

    72. Bolt Bolt

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    73. Marc Meng

      Im new to NFL, but .... Dallas was #1 in the NFC !?!?!?!

      1. Garrett Hampton

        @Marc Meng, no I think the falcons were

    74. Ker Loz

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    75. Charles Richey

      I think color tv is great too.

    76. Charles Richey

      I still remeber watching Bart Star QB snick across the goal line in the ice bowl.Thats how long ive been fully devoted GB FAN. SO IM LOVING IT.

      1. Levi Fillmlre

        Here’s to the Pack in the NFC championship game for a second year in a row brother!: Brady Vs Rodgers. Should be a hell of a game. Hopefully we can get it done. Go Pack Go

    77. Tod Mas

      The titanic dubbed on this field goal will forever be legendary

    78. Whalen Boldt

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    79. Mal Verdee

      Damn I remembered I cried when they boys lost 😞😅

    80. Kristen Drew

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    81. hugh berry


    82. Brendan Cooney

      Clocking it at 2:10:23 was unfathomably stupid. You’re almost in FG range, 48 ticks left and a TO in your pocket. Take the 5-10 seconds it takes to call a play and snap it, even if it’s just a quick out to get out of bounds (which is what they ended up doing on 2nd and 10). No reason to panic and spike it there- you lose a down that you will end up needing, and you have plenty of time and a time-out to get more yardage for your kicker. By spiking it they lost a down AND ended up giving Rodgers too much time to win it. Just stupid, no reason to spike it there.

    83. Douglas DeNunzio

      Thanks for the games while we are on lockdown

    84. Robert Jones

      Still don’t know how they didn’t call a hold clearly Irving got held

    85. 03 tha OG

      Jason G all smirkin after thinking he iced the iceman hahahahahahaha

    86. Jeff Northrup

      The number of ads in this video is off the charts, and btw, why isn't Jake from State Farm a dumpy white guy in khakis anymore?

    87. Autumn Sumner

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    92. Tyron Pouncey

      Someone in LA skip is still crying about this game

    93. Nadean Heming

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    94. Thomas Storff

      Watching Dallas lose is a favorite past time.

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      Ladarius Gunter burn by Dez, toasted for Julio Jones on Championship.

    99. Rose Dausan

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    100. murray3art

      Keeping another teams offense to 'only' 3 points on a drive is never a win for the defense.