Divisional Round NFL Power Rankings Show


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    Published on Month ago


    1. Jet Ride

      NFL 🧢

    2. saw jack

      44minits you spent 1 minit talkin abawt the packes tisk tisk what ignoents

    3. keifer Mccullough

      Pack should be#1

    4. Robert Oneal

      Chiefs gotta play hard.

    5. Jake’N Bake


    6. ddawgg23

      NFL Divisional Round Picks Last Week: 5-1 Season: 169-92-1 AFC: ✔ Bills 33, Ravens 22 (Bills shut down Ravens to earn AFC Championship game since 1993) ✔ Chiefs 31, Browns 26 (Chad Henne comes up clutch for Kansas City) NFC: ✔ Packers 24, Rams 10 (Lock of the week) (Aaron Rodgers advances to his first NFC Championship at Lambeau Field) *X* Saints 24, Buccaneers 21 (Buccaneers flip script on Saints) Not expecting an upset this week 3-1 8-2 172-93-1

    7. Iron

      Idk how you can have the colts below the titans lol thats just stupid

    8. Ayden Rivera

      Bucs nation baby

    9. cro4591

      Money's introduction of Cynthia...just stellar. The whole section with Freland was big fun.

    10. cro4591

      So the Wims 'on the numbers' missed catch...I'm wondering if the plastic face shields ever produce a glare, or change the how the the ball appears. If you've ever been scuba diving, the mask alters the angle and depth of objects you look at.

    11. cro4591

      Tell Marc S. that even though I'm a Chiefs fan, I'd be ok with Cleveland going all the way.

    12. cro4591

      Dan has the dreamiest blue eyes. If I was bent the other way...

    13. GTA 5 shaded rich

      The bad game conformably fire because cabbage constitutively milk apud a substantial lead. certain, bloody hole

    14. FractalPrana

      Forever Cleveland against the world

    15. Vuk Ceklic

      The present chicory intuitively talk because north america currently land inside a spicy bun. rampant, shrill effect

    16. Jay

      Browns will pull another upset... I just don't like Chiefs because majority of their fans are bandwagons from Rams leavings.

    17. Football Cynosure

      when you don't do well, in the playoffs, so, you just blame the #rookie www.blogtalkradio.com/melissamode/2021/01/13/football-cynosure #rooky #chitchat #football #chatters

    18. iKhanKing

      I don't agree with their analysis of NO or TB. NO completely dominated possession of the ball. If Lutz hadn't missed the field goal, and they actually played their final drive for points rather than time, they would have scored as many points as TB did on WFT. On the flip side of things. Brady was barely over 50% completion percentage, with two touchdowns. That's not bad at all, but it's disingenous to say they completely negated the WFT defense.

    19. BROK

      *A Browns vs Bills AFC Championship game would be sick*

    20. piero cenni

      5:31 Drew Bledsoe?

    21. Brandon Barr

      My Power Rankings 1 KC 2 BUF 3 GB 4 NO 5 TB 6 BAL 7 LAR 8 CLE

    22. N.Y.Seahawks

      Divisional and championships best football of the year. gonna root for an old AFC rival GO CHIEFS!!!! 124E!!!

    23. Anirudh Devarajan

      Browns should be top 4 like come on

    24. Koldonn

      Well this looks poorly done.

    25. Copiio

      23:35 so fake ik what it was soon as I seen this in game

    26. Aaron Harper

      Fyall Who Dat!

    27. Hadiok Tasuio

      The zany supermarket booly suit because racing effectively dust across a imported stream. squeamish, nauseating collision

    28. matt despard

      Having Baltimore ranked higher than both the Saints and TB is utter nonsense.

    29. Joe Ritner

      Us browns fans are just thankful and proud to be here. Maybe they pull off another one 🤷🏼‍♂️ #GoBrownies

    30. Miles Tropea

      Saints at 5😂

    31. Ju6shoot Hello

      I’d love to see packers vs Kansas city

    32. sQvQge

      Corniest intro ever lol.

    33. The_social_gammer

      Please let this be the last year this guy does the rankings he knows nothing about great listes

    34. Gecko plays

      Feel like Jalen might get burned against Davante Adams. Ramsey is a strong built corner, a near perfect match for DK but Adams is all finesse and can beat anyone just with his feet off the line. Feel like Adams has the leg up on this matchup

    35. Jen A

      How does Aditi cover the Sqeelers and the Browns?? Proximity? I don’t like it. I hate hearing her voice on conference calls for the Browns. They’re are many other journalists to cover just the Browns and the Squeelers. Christ NFL NETWORK. This is garbage 🗑. Especially if she lives in Pittspuke. 🤢🤮

    36. Wares Ahmed

      the bears is the bears

    37. Simar Khinda

      The workable bill basically object because pantyhose epidemiologically share at a graceful bandana. like, disturbed payment

    38. therealjaxon

      I'm not seeing the Ravens ranked at #4. I'm thinking that they are closer to the bottom of that list.

    39. Eric The Intern

      Everyone is so sleep on the saints y'all just wait

      1. Dylan James

        Man I like the saints but they always find a way to blow it

    40. madwrestler 145

      Ravens are too high

    41. James Pier

      It figures you guys would focus on the positive with Brady. Here is what you left out: WFT was still in the game well into the 4th quarter. They are a bad team. The Bucs are not going to get past the Saints.

    42. Beanzi716

      Best pier rankings I move seen. Maybe switch around browns and rams but whatever

    43. jrbendure

      Cleveland dead last. I love it. They do best as underdogs.

      1. Angie Brinkley

        @Beanzi716 where did you pull that “stat” from? Does it rhyme with “your bectum?” Or are you just parroting this dudes ”confidence” percentage? LOL. I mean the Browns are rightfully underdogs for sure, but FPI and most I’ve seen have it between 80%/20% & 75%/25%. Something tells me that you gave them a similar chance Sunday as well.

      2. jrbendure

        @Beanzi716 oh I'm very happy. This team can compete with anyone though. I think the chiefs are better but the browns are against the world. Win or lose, I'm loving where this team is going.

      3. Beanzi716

        Sorry buddy but the browns have less than 2% chance to win. Be happy they won a game

    44. DreamBigHawks

      This week I'm rooting for the UNDERDOGS. 🔵💚🔵 GO 🔵💛🔵

      1. Brandon Barr

        My Power Rankings 1 KC 2 BUF 3 GB 4 NO 5 TB 6 BAL 7 LAR 8 CLE

    45. Zombie Dad

      Man, will one of these guys just tell her to stfu! Stand for thoughtfulness? Ugh....

    46. # 1 Winner!

      I really want the Bills to make it to the Super Bowl along with the Rams.

    47. drethaelite

      Saints down in thumbnail already made me not watch the vid they rekt the last to teams they played

      1. Drumf Bum

        And then Tom Brady showed up..

    48. NothinButNet

      There is 8 teams left and the top 8 aren’t even right! 😂🙃

    49. UngarToTheMax


    50. Spec- Jones

      GO BUCS!!!!!!

    51. Adam Alexander

      Saints were stopped on the 1 inch line at the 2:00 minute mark should have easily been 28-3 to finish the game... 21-9 is deceptive. 99 yards of the bears TOTAL yardage came from the last drive in garbage time. Clear example of these guys looking at the numbers and not actually watching the game. 🤦🏼‍♂️

      1. Adam Alexander

        @CloverJam Obvious fumble was overturned as an incomplete pass. Look I can do that too. Bears had 150 yards until the last drive of the game. Sorry but the one dropped pass in the end zone wasn’t going to change their fate.

      2. CloverJam

        The bears missed a wide open TD tbat got dropped, any other WR catches that ball

    52. Armello 1209

      Lets go

    53. Melancholy Puppy

      1. Chiefs 2. Buffalo 3. Packers 4. Saints 5. Ravens 6. Browns 7. Rams 8. Buccaneers

    54. Brian C

      Wait, did he say that the Ravens are having "Cinderella" season; what is he smoking? The Ravens, last season, were the #1 seed and had the MVP; sure, they were one-and-done in the playoffs but since when does getting a win In the Wildcard round make you a Cinderella team?

      1. plurplis

        I think he means that midseason they looked out of playoff contention and had to win out to make it in

    55. kevin perry

      Packers>Bills after Colts game. Allen is phenomenal but it’s gotta be a team effort this deep into the playoffs.

    56. MTZ Edits


    57. Pwee-Is-Gr8

      Watch Bills vs Ravens be a blowout and Browns vs Chiefs be an awesome close game.

    58. InsufficientDirections

      “They have explosive runs” apparently so does Lamar

    59. GetWreckedNoobs

      Packers Saints Chiefs Bills

    60. Brennan Beyer

      Hey Dan!

    61. Albert Jhon

      What about the saints

    62. Veronica Moody

      Bucs are overated

      1. GetWreckedNoobs


    63. WrestleRecap

      Bills Baby!

    64. David Anuszewski

      Its gonna be a Ravens vs Browns AFC Championship game.

    65. Ej Cameron

      Looking for my ravens fans ⚫️⚪️🟣

    66. AnimeID

      How many times does the saints have to put a muzzle on the bucs before they say yeah they got no chance

      1. Amelinda TOEIC

        Ttis that usfilm.info/fire/ZKScg6Jwgaxp05U/video.html oh yes

    67. Lies

      Im glad these guys are some of the few analysts that aren’t sensationalist shitfucks. Hanzus can give in to some of it (ravens at 4?!?!?)

    68. tasmin james

      How the saints fall after a win...this is bullshit

      1. Do 2 Much

        @Jeremy Mason but we stomped them and handled business by far the game wasnt even close

      2. iKhanKing

        @Jeremy Mason And the Bucs played well against a 7-9 team? The Bears didn't have a single 3rd down conversion until garbage time. NO this year isn't an explosive offense team. It's a highly balanced defense and offense that complement each other, which make them so dangerous, and enabled them to nearly beat the Chiefs with a battered Drew Brees and no Michael Thomas.

      3. Jeremy Mason

        Bc of how they played against an 8-8 team

      4. Amelinda TOEIC

        Gtis that usfilm.info/fire/ZKScg6Jwgaxp05U/video.html oh yes

      5. Do 2 Much

        then the bucs who get stomped by the saints during the reg season, end up beating WASHINGTON, get to go up higher? also saints beat bears wayyyy better than the bucs beat washington

    69. David Bell

      Bosstones opening made my day

    70. Peace Be 2U

      Lets go RAMS....

      1. Brandon Barr

        My Power Rankings 1 KC 2 BUF 3 GB 4 NO 5 TB 6 BAL 7 LAR 8 CLE

    71. connor groff

      That was a good point about the ravens offense, the titans defense was horrible this year and they couldn’t even score more than 20 points on them. Plus 5 sacks? Wow 🤯

    72. Ricci Guarnaccio

      Chiefs and Bills definitely moving on, but TB vs NO and GB vs LA are toss ups

      1. Pwee-Is-Gr8

        @Ricci Guarnaccio Ravens are toast.. Bills have more than likely moved on to the AFC title game

      2. Ricci Guarnaccio

        @Adam Letschin Ravens gotta pick it up or they may get blown out!

      3. Ricci Guarnaccio

        @Henry 3k colts look better than the ravens look tonight

      4. Ricci Guarnaccio

        @Pwee-Is-Gr8 looks tough for the ravens unless they pull a miracle

      5. Pwee-Is-Gr8

        Browns and Ravens definitely moving on

    73. Crippin Crab

      I don’t care who wins I just hope bills don’t make the super bowl

      1. BlackSkipBayless


    74. saints fan

      6:25 🧢

    75. Anthony Urbanek


    76. akc121783

      if you pause at 6:10 you'll see why tampa brady is good.

    77. Adrienne


    78. robert ireland

      dude they love the buccs. they could barely beat the skins

      1. Taco Truck

        They never had a chance to win. The bucs just kept it close.

      2. Tainted Knives

        lol wut? They never trailed in that game.

    79. Ryan Foster

      Rams Saints Bills Chiefs

      1. Blablabla Blabittybla

        @Chris Wolf, did you watch the game? Not even close. Garbage time points.

      2. Totally not J

        I wanna see a Rams vs browns superbowl 😴

      3. Chris Wolf

        @Blablabla Blabittybla they only won by 3 points

      4. Blablabla Blabittybla

        Bills whooped the Rams.

      5. Edwin Osorio

        Rams vs saints rematch would be dope to watch since the rams upset the saints in 2018 when the rams went to the Super Bowl

    80. SuperFinder


    81. Ly Tran

      Imagine having to submit this twice

    82. Anthony Holliday

      Bills Bucks. Superbowl 45-37 BILLS

      1. Anthony Holliday

        @Dannon Pickering abbreviation genius

      2. A N


      3. Dannon Pickering

        Bro since when does the basketball team the bucks play football and how they going to the Super Bowl. They play BASKETBALL

      4. BlackSkipBayless

        🤣🤣🤣 nothing wrong with a dream

      5. Anthony Holliday

        @ilovecartianduziandbobbalam16*29 we have to beat brady in the bowl its destiny

    83. Solo21fm

      I hope Matt Money is wrong about the browns! Woof Woof

    84. Greer

      Ravens beat the bills easy last year and have gotten better

      1. Henry 3k

        I think the Ravens will win but not easily... Gonna be a good one

      2. tonerz0fdubb716

        And the bills didn’t.

    85. ERev15

      "The Drew Brees led Saints arent capable of putting up 30-40 points anymore" saints who averaged 30.1 points per game would like to say otherwise. Terrible take

      1. Adam Alexander

        EXACTLY! Scored 21+ in every game they played this season. Just ignorance.

    86. philip martin

      The Ravens only putting up 20 on that horrible Titans defense is worrying for them. The Bills aren't the Titans. The Bills are a much better all around team and if their offense plays like that, the Ravens might find themselves down by a lot really quickly

      1. philip martin

        @TeamStorminNorman They weren't bad but they weren't dominating people like they did the last 6 games of the season. Miami was supposed to have a good defense and they put up like 56. Obviously that is not going to happen against the ravens but I don't think the Bills games 1-6 are the same as 10-16

      2. TeamStorminNorman

        @philip martin But it wasn't like they were bad. They were undefeated coming into that game and were not only the favorites to win their division, but also regarded as a top 10 team in the NFL. Every team they faced prior to that game had better defenses than the titans (outside of maybe the Raiders) and the Bills dropped 30+ in nearly all those games (including the Rams and dolphins defenses). My thing is unless the Bills either played the Titans again already and did better OR have another chance to play them now and do better (which they don't) it's kinda hard to compare the Ravens and Bills performance against them when the Bills didn't do any better.

      3. Pwee-Is-Gr8

        Browns are the only team the last 6 games to go toe to toe vs Ravens... Im telling you guys now dont sleep on the Browns.. They give no fu**s and will go into KC and smack them around.. Not saying they will win but Chiefs are going to be in Dawg fight!

      4. philip martin

        @TeamStorminNorman When tho. Like week 4 when they didn't look amazing? Their team is totally different in terms of play compared to that team. I can't disagree that defenses show up, but the team is playing on another level compared to the early season

      5. TeamStorminNorman

        @philip martin Defenses turn up in the playoffs tho, no matter how good or bad they are. Plus, the Bills only put up like 16 points against that same Titans defense.

    87. Sports 311

      The Bills-Ravens matchup is gonna be a very interesting game to watch

      1. Mr j

        Wasn't that great of a game

      2. Xavier’s Hobbies

        The thing that gonna mess up bills is the time probly they don’t play good at night

      3. Michael Hession

        @Jacob Couvutsakis I agree, playing the Bills is like playing the Chiefs. A Pass Heavy Attack with modern day flash and speed and a QB that dominates the blitz.

      4. Chi Nguyen


      5. Jacob Couvutsakis

        @Michael Hession good thing bills suck at rushing lol. but if the ravens do what they usually do on defense which is blitz and man, then that defense is gonna have a real rough day. if they're able to get that 4 man pressure that they had against the titans, then it's gonna be a damn good game. it'll really depend on how stubborn your coordinator is on sticking to his guns and what they do best or being able to adjust.

    88. Dustin Nelson

      Who dat saints going to win the super because Drew Brees retires with another ring

      1. Myron

        @GetWreckedNoobs won’t need to if rams win

      2. Amelinda TOEIC

        Ttis that usfilm.info/fire/ZKScg6Jwgaxp05U/video.html oh yes

      3. GetWreckedNoobs

        But can the Saints Offense play good in the cold

      4. Ephifan Sturdivent

        Right , that's how it always goes. Drew Brees going to win his last ring like Peyton Manning did and retired afterwards in SB 50

    89. OceansideBoy760


    90. Jimmy James

      Anyone wondering how you act on coke see the guy on the right

    91. Logan Hannum

      You’re an idiot saying the chiefs win 98%. I don’t care what anyone says. Everyone said that about the Browns last week when they beat the Steelers without a head coach. This is the NFL anything can happen. The Chiefs are an amazing team but so are the Browns otherwise they would not be here

    92. Rush_Z

      the playoff games r gonna be better than the SB no cap

    93. Natasha Bolton

      Go be green bay ,, bills , Tampa, cheifs :) bring on superbowl 21 :) 🙃😊🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

      1. Killa Cam

        Go Bucs 💯

      2. Natasha Bolton

        @Nathan Jones okk cool nice :) looking foward 2 sat and sunday games :), in lockdown):

      3. Nathan Jones

        @Natasha Bolton I am rooting for the browns and Tampa bay bucs

      4. Nathan Jones

        @ilovecartianduziandbobbalam16*29 hey it’s you 😘

      5. Natasha Bolton

        @Nathan Jones cool be good browns win :) what upset ... they work hard team and coach 🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿😊who u think go be in superbowl... :)

    94. BillyYSC

      #Billsmafia !!!!

      1. Chi Nguyen


      2. Sports Fan88

        @Tuff Puppy trust me it will be the game of the playoffs

      3. Ayden Katta

        Yesssssssir let's go buffalo

      4. Prezz

        "Why is billy so CRAZYYY"

      5. Creator Я

        @Woodsman good luck to you guys

    95. Dennis DeGennaro

      Browns: Control their game from beginning to end, and dominate against the Steelers in nearly every aspect Rams: Beat the Seahawks by 10 points thanks to their defense Ravens: Beat the Titans by 7 points thanks to their defense. I mean I'm not a Browns fan but c'mon even if you don't think they are a better team, what matters is performance, and the way they played should've been enough to at least be ahead of the Rams.

      1. View of Uranus

        Baltimore is everybody's Cinderella? Did they face no practice all week...COTY being forced to stay home with the heart of thier O-line and HOF coach and break a 22 year playoff drought? These two are clowns! No chance in KC? Just enjoy your win? What were they watching? Go Browns!

      2. Pwee-Is-Gr8

        Its all good bro.. We dont need any love.. Browns love to be dismissed.

    96. 23 33

      Two of the same guy

      1. Creator Я

        Lol true, it's a bit stale but still watchable

    97. Robbie Conner

      The aback sock logically film because writer counterintuitively battle amidst a one protest. curved, puffy number

      1. Jake Kaiser

        ... What?

    98. Diarmuid O'Connor

      The only people that can like this comment are the true fans that knew the Browns could make it this far. The rest of y'all is fake

    99. Exotic__ Wolves

      Go saints

    100. J Pines

      Last week was full of great games. This week is about to be tough.

      1. Amelinda TOEIC

        Ytis that usfilm.info/fire/ZKScg6Jwgaxp05U/video.html oh yes

      2. Melancholy Puppy

        This weeks game are better.

      3. Jake Kaiser

        I think the Bears / Saints game was a snoozer... Only thing keeping it interesting was the Nickelodeon antics.